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Every Ornament Has a Story, Let’s Celebrate Them All

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Perhaps my favorite part of decorating our Christmas tree is unboxing ornaments from Christmases past. Each one holds a memory, a story. I have ornaments from when I was a child, ones my great-grandmother (now passed) made, ones for each year for our children and more. Decorating our tree is celebrating those memories and reminiscing with our children.

Every Ornament Has a Story, Let’s Celebrate Them All

Recently I discovered Oliver the Ornament. A cute little guy with his arm in a sling. But he’s more than just an adorable little guy. His story is precious. He gets bullied by a few of the other holiday ornaments for having a broken arm, and they hide him in the attic. Mom and dad realize something is missing.

The children end up finding him and realize that he can speak. He tells them his story, of how he was the first ornament that their parents ever bought. He was a gift from their dad on their parent’s first date. He then goes on to relive memories of the children’s past, and the other ornament’s stories. To know more, you’re going to have to get his book. Trust me, you and your children will love it.

My favorite part

I think my favorite part was when the parents sat down with the children and relived the story of every ornament donning their tree. Our family does the same thing, each and every year. We also put our tree up Thanksgiving night, or the following day. I always look forward to all of those memories and sharing them with my boys. Each ornament has love and memories attached to it, that make it special.

My favorite ornament from my childhood is a wooden one. It’s a cow in a blue barn. I adored cows when I was a young child, and my favorite color has always been blue. My memory is that every year, when I hung it, I had to find a branch with a blue light, so I could shine it onto my cow. Another is a handmade tiny bird feeder, with itty bitty plastic birds adorning it. My great-grandmother Evelyn made one for each of us girls. I actually have this hanging in my room year round, then I bring it out and place it front and center!

    If you’re like our family, and you love the story and meaning of each ornament, then you and your children are going to love Oliver the Ornament. Follow Oliver and friends via Facebook and Twitter too.

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Todd Zimmermann

Thursday 28th of September 2017

Thank you for the wonderful comments. It's been such fun to hear so many people tell me the story of their favorite ornaments. I love hearing each and every one of them. Thank you again!!!

Cheryl Reed

Thursday 28th of September 2017

Love this! My daughter and I have decorated our tree together for years. I started letting her direct the motif when she was 8 or so. For a few years, we had all of her Webkinz and Island of Misfit Toys stuff animals tucked in there.

It's not a tree that would grace a mansion or a big shopping mall, but we love it because it's ours.

Oliver will be on our tree this year for the first time. I can't wait.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.