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Ethical Gifts That Make A Difference

It is better to give than to receive is what I have always been taught. I like to pass this message on to my children as well. The perfect way to do that is example. I have three ethical gifts that I love to give to my family and friends. When I give these gifts, I know that I am not only making a family or friend happy, but I am also giving back to someone that really needs it. One of my favorite online shops that I adore shopping for ethical gifts is Deux MainDeux Mains produces a complete ethical fashion collection and employing dozens of Haitian artisans to not only make something valuable for others, but a meaningful life for themselves.

Ethical Gift Idea #1: Footwear

Every woman loves a good pair of shoes. Why not gift her a pair of handmade ballet flats with genuine leather and hand painted canvas or a pair of sandals that are adorned with fringe made from upcycled inner tube that we collect and repurpose into the latest fashions. Deux Main also has some gorgeous classic leather sandals with vibrantly dyed leather, and feature unique tire tread soles.

Ethical Gift Idea #2: Handbag

Ethical Gifts That Make A Difference

Women also love handbags and closets full of them. That is why they make a great gift. Give someone something that was handmade with love. My top two picks from Deux Main are:

  1. ROOSTON POUCH, WHITE PAINT – This hand-painted canvas is the perfect size for a woman on the go. It is lightweight and full of bright colors with an adorable tassel.
  2. CITY CLASSIC LEATHER TOTE, COGNAC – This is for the woman that loves totes and carries a lot of items. The Cognac color is versatile and will match any outfit!

Ethical Gift Idea #3: Jewelry

Another great gift idea is jewelry. My top picks for jewelry include their feather earrings that are neutral in color, which means it will go with pretty much anything. Deux Main has a variety of feather earrings that even your boldest of friends would love. Another one of my favorite items includes the Ilarie Long Inner Tube Necklace. This is an excellent choice for the trendsetter.

Your Purchase. Your Impact.

When you make a purchase from Deux Main, you are:

  1. Empowering women with dignified jobs
  2. Using upcycled materials
  3. Helping to support 100% solar powered eco-factory
  4. Better than fair trade, fairly made, fairly priced. The items on Deux Main website are less expensive compared to other ethical brands.

Connect with Deux Main to learn more about how you can help to give back: Site


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.