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Essential Tips When You’re Moving With Pets

You might think that as long as you put them in a cage, your pets wouldn’t cause any problem to your move. But experts say that, like humans, pets feel anxiety when their owners go through the process of moving houses.

How can you best take care of your pets when you move? Here’s a few tips:

Before the move

“Prepare” is the big word during the few weeks and days before your moving day. Remember that pets, especially dogs, will most likely notice the changes you’re doing to your home. The packing, the lessening of objects in your room – it’s important to mind the fact that your pets can sense these things. Here are the few things you should take note in your preparations:

  • Kennel

Make sure you already have a portable pet carrier, preferably one that your pet already knows. If not, then take time to introduce the new kennel days before you move. This way, they can feel safe inside it.

  • Car

If you’re going to drive, make sure your pet is familiar with a moving vehicle. In some cases, pets can get anxious about their new ride.

  • New Home

If it’s possible, try to bring your pet to the new house. This way, they won’t experience any worry when you finally move there. If you can, give them a particular space already so they’ll feel extra comfortable.

  • While Packing

Have you ever notice that dogs can feel it when you’re about to leave? They most likely will feel it too when you’re packing the whole house. Try to let your pet stay beside you when you pack things in boxes. Remember to give them attention, even if packing and moving will take much of your body and brain power.

During The Move

The period when you actually travel to your new location is the time when your pet needs to have the most attention. During this time, many things can change. You might have to ride in separate vehicles. You may have to go back for an emergency. Despite the hassles you’ll be facing, don’t forget your pet! Here are the things that you should think about during the travel:

  • Carrier or Temporary Home

It’s wise to have a pet carrier so your pet can stay with you throughout the journey. It’s also a good idea, however, to let your pet stay in a familiar place. This can be a friend’s house where your pet has already gone to. This can be a temporary pet shelter in your local neighborhood. The most important thing to consider is how you can stay organized with your move while your pet stays comfortable.

  • Flight or Drive?

There are many considerations you have to think of when you ride an airplane to travel to your new house. Pets who travel via planes must stay in a kennel and be subjected to the regulations placed by the International Air Transport Association.

  • Don’t Leave Them

Try to be with your pet throughout the duration of your travel. They’ll surely feel scared given all the changes in the rooms, the long drive, and the “strangers” that are entering and exiting your abandoned house. Make sure to keep an eye on them. They might need to pee or poop, so pay close attention.

  • Hire A Professional

The best decision you can do when you’re going to move houses accompanied by a pet is to hire people who do just that for a living. Many moving companies, such as North American Van Lines, are now accessible online, and they offer a wide range of moving services for you.

After the move

You should mind your pets even after you’ve landed at your new home. Like you, they’ll be undergoing a transition phase. They can still feel anxious, especially if you leave them even for a short while. Here are a few tips to help them adjust to the new interior.

  • Let them view the area

It’s vital that you give them time to inspect and be familiarized with the new house. Make them roam around in the new room and even in the outside terrain.

  • Don’t leave them

The thoughts of your pets go like this: you brought them to a faraway place that they’ve never seen before. Once you walk out of their sight, they’ll probably feel like you’re abandoning them. Make sure to be with them for a few minutes, or at least stay within their sight.

  • Give them their own space

To make them more comfortable, set up a spot for your pets. Put their rags, their favorite toys, and their plates in this space. It’ll make them feel home quicker.

Sometimes, the transition atmosphere that moving gives us can also be felt by our pets. The most important thing to do is to just be with them so they won’t feel like they’re being abandoned. After all, they’re a part of the family, right?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.