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Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy #EssentiaOiDiffusefoAromatherapy

Essential Oil Diffuser

For years I been hearing that a Diffeser with essential oil, would work in calming Devon down. So I decided I would try it our. The Essential Oil Diffuser has been working wonders. He loves it because it actually chenges colora and he thinks its cool. Very low level misting, good for small areas, bedside, that sort of thing. Also good for those already living in very humid regions and don’t want yet more humidity.

All we have to do is drop the oil into the water, we use lavender because its suppose to calm you, and the scent fills his room. The diffuser has the option of running all the time or intermittently. It also has soothing lights which he enjoys the most.

You just twist the top part off, add two drops of the oil of your choice, there are so many to choose from that help with a large array of medical issues. The next step is to add water. This part is easy because the diffuser comes with a nice little measuring cup. Twist the cap back on, plug the unit in and switch the power switch to the setting of your choice, its just that simple and we have been using it since we got it. It works as a room freshener and Eliminates odor. It also help in releasing stress and strain.

Using the intermittent setting helps you to diffuse longer and use your oils more effectively. It will literally go for hours using this setting. The mist is stronger on this diffuser. Even with the intermittent setting, the mist remains strong. Another great feature of this diffuser is that it automatically shuts off when the water runs out.

There are many features of this diffuser
• Design: I like the size of this diffuser; it’s perfect for my home office or work office. The top is very easily removed for refilling water and essential oils.
• LED Light: I love the different color settings. There are a ton of options when you consider the bright and dim settings for each. It’s very nice for setting the room atmosphere.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.