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Engage Your Children and Get Them Reading This Summer

    Summer break is so exciting for school age kids. Lazy summer days by the pool, playing with friends, and just being a kid in general. However, kids can lose valuable learning and skills they gained from the previous school years. Some also tend to get bored easily. So why not give them something fun to to and engage their brains? Read on to learn more about the Where's My Book Scavenger Hunt.

Engage You Children and Get Them Reading

    You're invited to the first ever YouTube Scavenger Hunt. Your kids and even you can embark on an adventure and search for the well hidden books of best selling author Carew Papritz. You can win prizes, help out the Make-A-Wish Charity organization, and promote literacy skills in your kids. Don't wait, take part in Where's The Book today.

Engage learning

How do we play?

    The hunt lasts for ten weeks, and you can join in on the fun by heading to Carew's YouTube channel and subscribing. Then start watching the videos and get searching! He will release twenty videos. The first person to find all five, specially marked books will win the grand prize! Write down each time you find the hidden book. As soon as you find ALL FIVE, quickly email the names of the videos and the times you found them to [email protected]

What do I do if I find the object?

   Simply write down the name of the video. Not what time in the video you spotted the object. Then email that information to this email –> [email protected] . It's really that easy. Don't waste time! There is only one winner per week.

Want to know a secret? If so, then follow Carew on all his social media outlets. He will divulge special clues specifically on social media, so if you want to get a head start and take advantage of these bonuses, then follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.


  • TEN Bonus Prize winners will receive a 50$ Amazon Gift Card

  • THREE 3rd Prize winners will win a 75$ Amazon Gift Card

  • Second place prize winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and an all new Kindle Fire HD8 32 GB

  • First place winner will receive a $150 Amazon gift card & a new Kindle Fire HD8 32 GB

The Book

    The book you'll be searching for is The Legacy Letters by Carew. Ten percent of proceeds from every copy sold during the ten weeks, will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. So get your copy today, and get a fantastic new book, while helping out some amazing kids. You can purchase here from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and iBook.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.