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Energy Efficient Way To Heat Your Home In Winter

Winter is coming and we must be prepared for it.

At house hold air we give you all the information you need to help you choose the best heating system according to your needs.

As you can see, there are not a few factors that can influence our decision, since it depends on the importance that we give it, one system or another may suit us.

You may use the energy in your home differently and a different system will suit you from your neighbor.

Furthermore, we must bear in mind that the most widely used system is not always the most efficient.

Energy Efficient Way To Heat Your Home In Winter

Many times, for not wanting to spend on installation, a more comfortable method is chosen, when in fact, in the long run, another heating system would pay more.

Therefore, we should not focus so much on the initial investment as on the energy savings that we will obtain in the long term.

These are the factors that we must take into account when choosing the most suitable heating system in our home:

  • Window air conditioner heater combo you can use this system of Air conditioning a small apartment is not the same as a large house.
  • The temperature of the house will depend on whether it is oriented to the north, south, east or west.
  • A good insulation of the house will result in better energy savings, being able to influence our decision.
  • Living on the coast, with mild temperatures, is not the same as inland or in the mountains, where it is usually colder.
  • The price of energy. As we use electricity, natural gas, or other fuels, let us focus on your current and future price.
  • If your installation needs work or not and how willing we are to carry it out.
  • If the system needs a lot of maintenance (revisions, cleaning repair cost, etc.) or it requires almost no maintenance.
  • Respect for the environment and public aid. It is another aspect to take into account, since we could receive aid for using renewable energy, such as biomass.

Let’ Review the Top Rated Ceramic Heaters:

Heating by Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system can generate both cold and heat and is ideal for coastal or interior areas with mild temperatures.

This system expels hot air at the desired temperature and is quite efficient, especially with the new Inverter systems.

The drawback is that the expelled air is usually quite dry, so it is not recommended for people with respiratory or mucosal problems.

The air conditioning system is ideal if we only want to air condition specific parts of the house and not the entire house, since in that case we would have to put different interior appliances in the main rooms or opt for a duct system.

In the latter case, the ducted system requires work.

However, if the home is not too large and has open spaces that allow air to circulate easily, a single air conditioning unit (Split) may suffice.

Gas boiler + Radiators

As mentions gas boilers use natural gas (or city gas) as fuel to heat water, which can be used for home heating and/or for heating DHW hot water.

The gas heating system is based on a water circuit that runs throughout the house and evenly heats the entire house through radiators.

The main advantage of gas condensing boilers is that they can evenly heat large homes even when located in areas with very cold climates.

The gas boiler system with radiators is the most widely used system in different countries.

It does not dry out the environment (as the air conditioning does). Also, recommended in very cold climates, since it keeps heat well.

Boilers are definitely one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. Once you’ve decided that you want to go ahead and have a boiler installed, make sure to get boiler costs here and compare multiple quotes.

Diesel Boilers

It is an alternative system to gas boilers. Diesel boilers run on diesel and can be used for both home heating and DHW domestic hot water.

Its main advantage is the great performance they have and the low installation costs, compared to gas boilers.

Some of its disadvantages, on the other hand, are the price of fuel, which is higher, and not having a supply such as gas or electricity: You have to buy diesel, transport it and store it at home.

It does not depend on the supply of natural gas, so it can be installed in any home.

They have great performance: they heat the hot water and the area to be air-conditioned with great speed.

Electric Boilers + Radiators or Underfloor Heating

Electric boilers heat water using electricity, so we avoid any problem of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. Furthermore, we do not depend on the supply reaching our area and we will save the cost of installing natural gas.

Like gas or diesel boilers, electric boilers are used both for heating and for heating the sanitary water in our home (DHW).

Biomass Stoves (Firewood and Pellets)

Biomass stoves are another alternative when we do not have a natural gas supply at home.

This type of stoves, in addition, have a great calorific value and hardly generate any waste.

On the other hand, we need to continually buy firewood or pellets and we need to have a certain space to store them.

Biomass is a renewable fuel from organic and biological residues such as compacted sawdust (pellets), firewood, olive pits, nutshells or forest residues.

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