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Embracing Your Postpartum Body

Pregnancy and childbirth are both beautiful and exhausting. A woman will experience things that she did not experience before. But these changes do not stop at childbirth. There are changes that she will undergo after giving birth. You may have only a few weeks before delivery, or you are now a new mother. Read on for you to have some ideas of what to expect.

A Handful of Tresses

While pregnancy brings bouncier locks, the opposite is true after childbirth. You might be surprised seeing hair everywhere. An effective hair fall shampoo here in the Philippines can help. It is annoying to see strands of hair on the pillow and in your hairbrush and those that clog your bathroom drain. Hormonal changes are the reason for such conditions. Postpartum hair loss is natural, but having an excellent product to aid in hair growth is a good measure. Also, a good choice is something natural and packed with vitamins and minerals. In no time, you will have your beautiful tresses once again.

The Pull of Gravity

The bust is fuller during pregnancy and also for some time after childbirth. Again, hormonal changes are the reason for this. But as time passes by, your bust will start to feel the pull of gravity. Sagging is due to stretching of the ligaments. A quick fix is to use a good supportive bra. Buta lifestyle check and healthy routines will help you better in this area.

A Pregnancy Remembrance

When you look at your belly, you may notice pink or red marks. During pregnancy, the skin on your belly stretches to accommodate the growing baby. When it shrinks back to its normal size after childbirth, stretch marks are left behind as a remembrance. While some women use skin products to lighten these marks, they lighten on their own through time.

A Good Reason to Sway

People say that there is something very distinct about the hips of a woman after childbirth. Some attribute it to a larger hipbone to aid the woman in pushing the baby out. But the truth is that it has more to do with fat cells. Simply put, a woman gains weight after childbirth, and her hips are one area where extra fat is deposited.

A Slight (or Big) Tip on the Scale

Do you find it hard to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes? You have guessed it right. You have gained a few pounds. This is an inevitable side effect of giving birth. Some can bounce back, while some will have those few pounds with them forever. Chances of more weight gain also increase with successive pregnancies. If you are still on the standard weight for your height, you do not need to despair. You only have to maintain it so as not to go overboard.

A Different Fit

Do you feel like a misplaced Cinderella when you realize that your old shoes do not fit anymore? The reasons for this are the extra weight during pregnancy and a hormone called relaxin. After childbirth, your feet may flatten and lengthen a little. Thus, you will need new pairs of shoes for your postpartum feet. But isn’t shoe shopping a nice thing to do after childbirth?

For some, these changes contribute to the postpartum blues. It is natural to pine for your pre-pregnancy body. Remember that your post-pregnancy body is more beautiful. It was able to sustain and deliver a new life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.