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Easy Ways to Find Joy in Our Lives

Easy Ways to Find Joy in Our Lives

Joy is the one thing that I believe we are all looking for in our lives.  Many look for it, but unfortunately, less will actually find it.  I have found a book “100 Ways to be in Joy”, by Halle Eavelyn.  This book has so many great ideas.  The ideas are pretty easy, like smelling flowers or maybe listening to a baby laugh.


They are such simple things when you think about it, but we tend to get busy and forget.  Keep this book on your desktop to remind you daily.  You could even take a pledge to do every single one of them page by page, step by step.  Do it with a loved one.  You'll be bursting with joy by the end!

When you think about our lives, there are certain things we need to make us happy.  Joy is certainly one of them.  Have you ever met that completely joyful person?  She/he makes you angry, mainly because you are jealous.  I know, I do it too.  No matter what they have going on in their lives, they seem to make it through with grace and joy.  I have faith, but it seems like without joy you can't smile every day.


Let's think about what “joy” actually means.  The dictionary reads “joy – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness; rejoice”.  I don't remember the last time I really felt true joy.  I love my family and my life, but why am I missing something?  Joy could possibly be that missing ingredient.  I know now that I have this book I am going to give it a try.  It certainly can't hurt me!

Joy…here I come!  I'm going to start smelling those flowers.  Enjoying my drive instead of yelling at everyone to get out of the way.  Slowly tasting my food, not gulping it down.  Feeling the rain on my face, not running away so I don't get wet.  I am noticing as I type that it sounds like I'm describing a child.  Children know exactly what it means to be joyful!  They haven't been burned out from life yet.


Let us all be more child-like…and let's all find joy!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.