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Earn and Save with Swagbucks

I can’t believe we are already going into August and that means the holidays are tight around the corner. I am always looking for ways to save money to buy those Christmas gifts for my family and I finally started using Swagbucks. I love to shop on Amazon for most of my Christmas gifts and by using Swagbucks, most of my gifts I won’t be paying for and I have Swagbucks to thank for that. I love being able to save my family money and using Swagbucks has given me the opportunity to do just that!

Earn and Save with Swagbucks

For those of you that don’t know about Swagbucks I will explain it all to you below. What I love about using Swagbucks is that all I have to do is a couple of surveys at night before I go to sleep or even in the morning while I am getting breakfast ready I will watch a few videos on my phone. While doing these things I am earing points (called SB). These points add up and before you know it your able to turn your SB in for Gift Cards and even PayPal. Below is some information on Swagbucks and how it works.

Earn and Save with Swagbucks

What Is Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a search engine that pays swagbucks review you to use their site. The more you surf the Internet the more points you earn.There is no cost to sign up. Swagbucks is an Internet search engine much like Yahoo! or Bing. The difference is that you get paid for searching the Internet.This online rewards program gives users points (or SBs) for various tasks, from online searches to watching movie trailers. Those points can be traded in for e-gift cards such as, Walmart, PayPal, Target, Starbucks, and Sephora gift cards – these are just some of the many gift cards that they offer. has over 15 million users to date and have rewardered over $95,000,000 in gift cards and rewards. Below are some of the ways to earn SBs.

Search the Web

Use Swagbucks as your search engine anytime you search the Internet. Just visit the Swagbucks homepage and every time you search for something using their search engine, you will have the chance to earn SB. Make Swagbucks your default search engine and experience the same great search results you’re accustomed to. Plus you’ll never miss out on earning SB for your searches!

Watch Videos

I am always watching videos either on my computer or phone. You can watch TV and film and how about finding great recipes. You can watch these and earn SB. All you have to do is watch videos that interest you and at the end of each video you can earn SBs.


Take Surveys

Brands want your opinion and are shelling out Swagbucks for it! Check out your Trusted Survey dashboard every day to see which surveys you qualify for and get ready to earn big! Share your opinion by voting in our Daily Poll and receive SB. Easy peasy right? Think about how many SB you’ll earn by voting every day for a year!

Play Games

Have fun playing games online, and you’ll be so entertained you won’t even notice that you’re earning SB for it!

Install the SwagButton (available for Chrome, Firefox or IE) You can earn SB even when you’re not on Swagbucks!

Earn and Save with Swagbucks


Need car insurance? Looking to book a vacation? Interested in signing up for Netflix? Check out our Special Offers. Complete the offers that appeal to you and watch the SB pile in.

For very little effort you can enjoy free gift cards and other prizes for doing something as simple as surfing the web. Head on over and join Swagbucks.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.