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Don’t Just Watch Sherlock, Be Sherlock With Hunt A Killer

    Are you a fan of the beloved super sleuth Sherlock? (Personally, BBC’s incarnation of him and Watson is my favorite.) If so, it’s probably because you love a good mystery and crime solving piques your interest. Well now YOU can be the investigator! Read on to learn more.

Be Sherlock

Don’t Just Watch Sherlock, Be Sherlock

    Hunt A Killer was launched last October, and has fourteen thousand loyal crime solvers. Modern storytelling is taken to the next level with this monthly subscription and immersive game. Traditional clues and technology mesh together to bring a fully interactive experience. 

Put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to catch a killer

    Each month you will get a delivery with clues and tools to help you solve a murder mystery. You will get physical items to look over, messages to analyze, and objects to explore. Some will be hands on, some will be tech related. Both combined will give you the full experience of being your very own Sherlock and Watson.

Give as a gift, or keep for yourself (choose the latter, you won’t be sorry)

    Order Hunt a Killer for someone you love that enjoys a good mystery, or join for yourself. Next, choose a plan. Either do a month at a time, or pick a long-term plan (you can cancel at any time.) Then wait for the killer to contact you and start trying to figure who it is. 


Perfect for summer party or cookout

    Are you planning a summer party or cookout? If so, give it a theme. Get your first month of Hunt A Killer, and join your friends in this exciting pursuit. Your friends will be talking about your hunt for months (maybe even years to come.) Turn your get together from blah to baffling, to boisterous. My husband and I are stoked to get started on our first hunt! 

Where to buy

    To get started on finding the killer, head to Hunt A Killer’s website. They also have a closed Facebook group for members which you can ask to join HERE. Be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too. 

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