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Don’t Just Win a Game, Win a Lawsuit

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

We’re huge into family game night. Mondays are Minecraft game night, Thursdays are A Game of Thrones card game night, and Saturdays we play different board games. I recently got my family a new one to try. We’re learning to not just win a game, but to win a lawsuit too!

just win a lawsuit

Don’t Just Win a Game, Win a Lawsuit

LAWSUIT! is a board game for kids (eight and up) and adults. It was created by Tina Nelson, an attorney and a mama. She wanted to teach her kids what she and her husband (also an attorney) do at work every day. Her children, their friends, and other parents, all loved the game so much, she decided it was time to mass produce it. With LAWSUIT! you will learn not to just win a game, but to win a lawsuit.

This board game will give players an insight into the work that lawyers do when they go to court. In the game, players go through law school, pass the bar exam, and then start their own practice. Now it’s time to hire a secretary, pay bills, and take cases. They’ll prepare for court and more.


What it includes

LAWSUIT! includes the game board, six playing pieces, one die, play money, and game cards. The game cards are broken into three categories. LAWSUIT!, APPEAL, and SETTLEMENT.

Fun for game nights, and perfect for classrooms

This game is a super fun addition to any game night. My son is eleven, and he really enjoys playing it! It would also make a great classroom tool as well. Teachers can use it to teach children about how our court system works. It’s a wonderful hands on teaching tool. As a home schooling parent, I love that I can use a game to enhance my son’s social studies lessons. He loves that he’s playing a game during “school time.”


The holidays are coming, and what a better gift than a fun family game, that also serves as a teaching tool! To get your family, or a family on your holiday list LAWSUIT!, click here. To learn more, head to their website. Be sure to follow (or like) via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too.

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