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Don’t Harbor Halitosis, Clean Your Mouth Anywhere With CloSYS

    Did you know that National Fresh Breath Day is August sixth? (I didn’t but like they say, you learn something new every day.) What better time to talk about having bad breath. When brushing isn’t always an option, CloSYS is there to help with Halitosis.

Halitosis CloSYS

Don’t Harbor Halitosis, Clean Your Mouth Anywhere with CloSYS

    When you’re working long days you can’t always stop to brush your teeth. So what are you to do? Simple. Reach into your pocket or purse, and pull out your CloSYS. This small breath spray fits virtually anywhere is a convenient way to freshen your breath when you can’t brush or floss. It’s sugar-free and has a tasty, refreshing mint flavor. I keep some on hand in my purse all the time. (I drink a TON of coffee, and we all know how that makes your breath smell.)

bad breath help

Back to school is within reach

    With Back to School season on the horizon, CloSYS is perfect for your teens. Be sure to stock up so they will have the confidence to speak out. The less time they spend worrying about bad breath, is more time they can pay attention to other things at school. 

    When I was in high school, I always had gum in my locker. (I left it unlocked so my friends could grab a piece whenever they needed it.) However, not all teachers allowed gum in class. I don’t currently have a kid in high school, but I’m willing to bet the rules are still the same. So CloSYS is perfect. It fits in their pockets, purses, or even lockers.

Trial or Travel Size Kit

    If summer vacation trips are on your agenda, check out the Trial Size Intro Kit by CloSYS. It’s perfect to try their products, or to pack for vacation. It’s even TSA 3.1.1compliant. The kit comes with a four-ounce bottle of CloSYS Original Unflavored Oral Rinse with a small bottle of mint flavor to add, .75 ounce anti-cavity toothpaste, and a .25 ounce breath spray. 

Halitosis Help

Where to buy

    To get your CloSYS products, click HERE. Get social with them via Facebook and Twitter.

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