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Don’t Forget This Must Have Item If You’re Travelling For The Holidays: Compression Stockings

If you are travelling for the holidays, then don’t leave home without this must have item: compression stockings. Research has shown that blood clots form in the legs within two hours of a flight. If you are wondering how you can help prevent this, then ITA-MED has a variety of compression stockings that can help you and others this holiday season.

ITA-MED Compression Stockings

Don't Forget This Must Have Item If You're Travelling For The Holidays: Compression Stockings


ITA-MED manufactures several lines of men’s and women’s compression stockings that would make great gifts. Compression socks used to be used exclusively by people who had serious circulation problems, varicose veins, or conditions like deep vein thrombosis.  They have now become mainstream, and are very popular among people who are on their feet all day, want better leg support, even athletes. They are also being used more and more by people in airplanes, not just for long flights but short ones as well.

What Makes ITA-MED Different

ITA-MED compressions stockings are not like what our grandmothers used to wear.  These are stylish, colorful socks made from a blend of synthetic and natural fibers.

ITA-MED Graduated Compression Hosiery line consists of:

  • Pantyhose (including maternity): medium (20-22 mmHg) and firm compression (23-30 mmHg). They are available in three colors (beige, nude, and black) in sizes petite, medium, tall, extra tall, queen, and queen plus.


  • Thigh Highs includes women and unisex with two compressions: medium (20-22 mmHg) and firm compression (23-30 mmHg). The size range is from S, M, L, XL, 2XL. You can choose two different colors of beige or black.


  • The Knee Highs are available in seamless and no compression. They also have Knee Highs in light compression (12-15 mmHg), medium (20-22 mmHg) and firm compression (23-30 mmHg).


  • Men’s/Trouser Socks are also available in seamless and no compression. You can also get them in medium compression (20-22 mmHg) and firm compression (23-30 mmHg).



  • Anti-Embolism & Diabetic socks are recommended by doctors for bedridden patients undergoing surgical operations. They are available in seamless, no compression, and light compression (18 mmHg).

Which of the ITA-Med compression stockings would you gift to a family or a friend?

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