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Don’t Forget Their Teeth This Back to School Season

Tis the season for back to school lists, clothes shopping, and finding the right pair of kicks. However, while you're stocking up on all of that other stuff, you may be forgetting something as equally important. Their teeth!

their teeth

Don't Forget Their Teeth This Back to School Season

When faced with school supply lists, clothing and shoe shopping, forgetting your kids teeth is easy. Each year schools require health physicals, and many even ask that you take your child to the dentist. Here is a list of the following things to do and buy to make sure your kids head back to school with an amazing smile!

Schedule a check up and cleaning

Dentists recommend that our teeth be cleaned every six months. That doesn't just go for your kids, that you to mom and dad. (Your health matters too!) So why not schedule a family appointment, and everyone get their teeth checked and cleaned.


Kick their oral hygiene routines into high gear

Summer vacation is ending. (Booooo!) Not only do many kids get out of their school bedtime routine, but they also tend to get out of their daily oral hygiene routine during the summer. It's time to kick it back into high gear. But how?

  • Make sure they are brushing AT LEAST TWICE PER DAY (many dentists say three times, but that's not always feasible. Our dentist asks that Liam brush twice daily, after breakfast, and before bed.
  • Get a NEW toothbrush! Your dentist will give you a new one every six months, but they should really be replaced every THREE months, or at the first signs of wear, (whichever comes first.)
  • Get a good toothpaste! My son has oral aversions (autism) so finding one he can tolerate has been hard. He LOVES Colgate® 2in1 Watermelon Burst™ toothpaste.
  • FLOSS, FLOSS, FLOSS. Getting your child to regularly floss is important. If they struggle with traditional dental floss, get them dental floss picks. My son has fine motor issues, but can use the picks much easier.
  • Don't forget the mouthwash. My son and I both love Colgate Total® Advanced Health Mouthwash. I love it because I can feel how well it cleans my mouth and it doesn't burn like many other mouthwashes. Liam loves it because he likes to watch the mouthwash activate when he shakes it. He also loves to see the “gunk” in the sink when he spits it out. (You can actually see what you missed while brushing and flossing in the sink!) It kills 24 times more bacteria than other mouthwashes too, as well as reducing plaque and helping to prevent gingivitis!

Colgate® protects their teeth

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I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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