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Does Being A Mom Make You A Stronger Employee?

Does Being A Mom Make You A Stronger Employee

While watching TV, I came across the topic of a corporate America woman who admitted to mistreating & looking down upon working moms. Her reasons for being so snooty was because she didn't feel like working mothers could give 100% to their jobs. According to her, trying to balance a household, motherhood, and a career only created a lackluster job performance. That was her view on the situation, until of course she became a mother herself. Living the life of a working mom changed her perception and she had a new level of respect for her peers.


This got me wondering..Is this really how mothers are viewed in the work place? I’m a work at home mom with 2 children (soon to be 3), but what if I decided to get back into the workforce? Will my 3 kids be deemed a distraction?


In my opinion, being a mom makes a woman a better employee. Let’s think about it for a second. Before becoming a parent, my multitasking skills were barely there. Focusing on one thing, then moving on to the next was my specialty. Now, as a mom, I’m the master of multitasking. Also as moms, we’ve learned to have balance in our lives. Of course sometimes life throws a wrench into our system and messes up our routine. But even after almost pulling our hair out and having an epic meltdown, we still manage to get back up, dust ourselves off, and keep going as if nothing ever happened? Why? Because if we don’t, then who will?? We have a drive that keeps us going even when we want to fall to the floor and give up. Moms are top notch multitaskers, balancers, delegators (the house would never be clean if we didn't give out chores), keen listeners (we always know what’s going on even when we’re not in the room), quick thinkers, decision makers, and rule setters…do I really need to go on?


All of those things that make us moms are a plus in the workforce, not a subtraction. Sure a working mom may take an off day every once in a while to care for her sick child or attend a school play. However, that shouldn't dismiss all of the awesomeness that she regularly dishes out. Working moms deserve a round of applause for all that they do. Despite dealing with fevers, homework, football practice, cooking, cleaning and everything else that comes with the territory, somehow you’re still able to go to work and give it your all. Cheers to you!


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