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Do You Have Pets? Here’s How You Can Keep Them Safe And Well Looked After

We all love our pets and want to provide the best quality of life for them.

Dogs and cats being some of the most common loyal members of our families.

Taking a measured approach to ensure their safety can reduce plenty of headaches down the road.

Do You Have Pets? Here’s How You Can Keep Them Safe And Well Looked After

There is nothing more stressful then trying to find a lost pet. So today we are going to explore some ways you can keep your pets safe.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your home tidy can make a huge difference for your pet’s physical and mental health.

Keeping on top of all the things your house pets can get their nose into will reduce the chance of your pets eating things they should not.

For example, dogs are notorious for eating literally anything.

So, a quick tip is to make sure that you keep your trash well contained, as this will mean that you can avoid a trip to the vets.

There are plenty of other household items you will want to keep out of reach of your pets as well.

Medication, cleaning chemicals and cosmetics are the biggest danger.

Having a secure place for those household items will reduce the risk to your pets.

Keep all medication in a specific cupboard out of reach of pets can go a long way to keep them out of their paws.

There are plenty of measures that you can take to protect your pets in your home, even when you are not there. 

Make Sure You Tag Your Pets

Even if you have taken every step to keep your pets safe at home, they could still wonder out of your home.

This situation can be super stressful for pet owners, so speeding up the process of finding your pet is paramount.

One of the most popular ways of helping your pet find its way home is with pet tags.

Tags keep your pet safe because a kind stranger can easily contact you if they were to come across your pet. This can help you find your pet sooner.  

Some people have suggested that the color of the tag is an important choice for your pet.

Do You Have Pets? Here’s How You Can Keep Them Safe And Well Looked After

Contrasting colors with your pet’s fur can make it easier to spot when strangers approach.

So, for instance, if you have a black cat, giving them a silver or white tag will make it more visible.

They can also enhance the look of your pet if you pick a complimentary design. Think of it as a cute accessory that also saves their life.

Prevent Your Pets Running Away

Prevention is the best method to avoiding the stress of a runaway pet all together – so let us lay out some reasons why pets run away in the first place.

One of the common reasons why pets run away if because of boredom.

Few pets enjoy being inside all the time so make sure to give them plenty to do.

For dogs, make sure they have plenty of chew toys and cats, a range of scratching posts.

Different pets have a wide range of needs.

Dogs typically need more interaction than cats. Making sure your dog has regular exercise will help make sure he is never bored.

This varies between breeds though so calibrate the activities to what your dog is capable of.

Do You Have Pets? Here’s How You Can Keep Them Safe And Well Looked After

But there are plenty of other reasons why your dog could run away. It could be due to other health issues. A healthy dog is a happy dog that wants to stay home.

Cats, on the other hand, enjoy things like chasing lasers and hunting smaller objects like Ping-Pong balls.

So, stock up on simple fun toys to keep your cats happy. Cats also adore multi-tiered “cat towers”.

These support a cat’s need to climb and play. Having a range of cat friendly toys can keep your cat busy – lowering those odds of running away. 

Ultimately, taking the right precautions when trying to keep your pets safe can save you a lot of stress.

With a clean home, full of toys and activities for all pets to enjoy, you are more likely to have a happy home full of occupied pets.

They hopefully will not feel the need to go rooting through cupboards and bolt out the door.

But even if they do, your pet tag will make them easier to find.

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