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Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

    It is said that at some point in their life, EIGHTY percent of Americans will suffer from back pain. Whether you’re plagued with chronic pain, or its hit or miss, this Dual Action Roller Massager by Handsome is amazing.

Back Pain

Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

    I sure do. Every single day of my life. I also suffer from pain in many other areas thanks to Fibromyalgia. Pain creams and gels help to relieve some pain, but what if it’s in an area that you can’t reach? Nine times out of ten, my worst pain is in my shoulders, lower back, and hips. Getting cream or gels there is next to impossible. That it until I got the Dual Action Roller Massager by Handsome.

    As the name says, you can use to apply pressure to areas experiencing muscle tension. That alone is awesome, but this roller is even better than that! It has a roller ball applicator, that you can put your preferred pain gel into, and roll into those hard to reach areas.

It’s simple

    Just unlock the applicator head by turning the cap clockwise. (A quarter works great for this.) Then fill it with the pain cream or gel of choice, (up to six ml,) then re-attach the applicator head, and lock it in place. Now roll it onto your sore areas. Apply the amount of pressure that’s right for you. Roll away some muscle tension, and then wait for the pain cream to do its work.

Back Pain helper


    Seriously! I really do. It’s made my life so much easier, and helped me relieve some pain. Anything to make those horrible flare days better is a huge asset in my book. My husband suffers from chronic pain as well. He has fractured his neck, lower back, and his right shoulder, and had surgery on all three to put plates, screws, and a cage in to fix them. There are days when he hates to ask me for help to put pain cream on because he knows I’m hurting too. The Dual Action Roller Massager has helped him too. And lets not forget the fact that it keeps the pain stuff off of your hands. I don’t care how much you wash your hands, they always stink like the pain gel. And don’t dare rub your eye or something. Holy horrid pain if you do! So don’t just take our word for it, get one (or a few ) of these for yourself!


Get yours from CVS, Walgreens, and more. For more info, visit the Handsome website. Follow via Facebook  and Twitter.

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