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Ditch Those Pillow Cases or Plastic Sacks for an Eco Friendly Trick or Treat

Did you use a pillow case for trick or treating? My mom and aunt did. We always had plastic Halloween themed bags, or those plastic pumpkins. However, that stuff tends to end up in landfills. Ditch those bags for an eco-friendly trick or treat. The Earth will love you for it, and you'll be teaching your child about protecting our planet!

halloween trick or treat

Ditch those pillow cases of plastic sacks for an eco-friendly trick or treat

ZizzyBee Bags are easy to clean, mesh bags that are perfect for hauling home their candy and goodies on Halloween. They're made from one hundred percent polyester, and can be reused numerous times. Maybe even better yet, they're not a choking or strangulation hazard like plastic bags are.

ditch plastic bags

So many uses

When Halloween is over, you can repurpose your ZizzyBee bags for a number of other things. Use them to store stuff in diaper bags, back packs, luggage and more. Because they have a loop on them, you can even hang them from hooks in your home. I think they're great for storing tub toys too. The mesh bag lets the toys dry, and since they're washable, you can keep the toys and the bag clean.

I even use ours to put snacks in and toss them right into the cooler. It makes it easier to find Liam's fruit snacks, jerky sticks, cheese sticks, and more. They also would be great for a makeup bag, or toiletries when traveling. As you can see, the uses really are endless.


Two Sizes

You can get ZizzyBee bags in two sizes. They have large and small. You can order three of each size, or even two large, and one small. You can even choose a different design for each one. That's perfect if you have more than one child. That way you can always tell their bags apart.


ZizzyBee even has a handy dandy laundry bag. This is great for taking on vacation. Toss the families dirty clothes inside, and then they're all together for when you return home. You could even use the ZizzyBee laundry bag to store beach toys. The mesh makes it easy to wash the sand from them.

To learn more and to order yours, head to ZizzyBee. Follow via Facebook and Twitter too.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.