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Different Ways to ‘Say it With Flowers’

Flowers are the perfect gift, and men and women alike both adore flowers. The scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers is divine, and a large floral arrangement can transform a room – not to mention the mood of the recipient. At this point, you probably think that a bunch of flowers is a bit old-fashioned when other, more interesting gifts, are available.

In some ways, this is true, and flowers are very much a traditional gift. We have been gifting flowers forever, from a sweet bunch of amateur wild floral arrangements handed to your grade school teacher, to that expensive bunch of red roses you gave to your high school sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Despite the traditional overtones, flowers do not have to be boring and traditional.

There are many ways to ‘say it with flowers’ in a slightly different way, but a beautiful bouquet of fresh blooms is hard to beat. You can select a bunch from the local store or ask a company like Spring in The Air to take care of the delivery on your behalf. The great thing about pre-booking your flower delivery is that you can’t possibly forget a crucial anniversary or birthday.

Floral Baskets

Bunches of flowers are great if the recipient has a nice vase, but floral baskets are a more modern way to gift flowers. Your flowers will be arranged in a pretty basket, and because the stems are fixed in florist sponge, the flowers tend to last longer. This is a nice gift for a hospital patient or an elderly person who might not have a suitable vase in their retirement home. It’s also a cute gift for a new mom, as they don’t have to fret about finding a vase and trimming the flower stems.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers look pretty, and as long as you are careful, they last for ages. It’s easy to dry out flowers at home. Take a bunch of flowers and hang them upside down and hang them in an airing cupboard, so the flowers maintain their shape as they dry out. The blooms should retain their color and shape. Once the flowers are completely dry, trim the stems and tie them together with ribbon or place in a decorative pot. Dried roses and bunches of lavender make great flower gifts.

You can add extra sparkle to your dried flowers by painting some water-based glue on the petals and leaves and sprinkling glitter all over them.

Flower Pots

Do you have green fingers? If so, buy some spring bulbs and plant them in a decorative pot. If this is a gift for a grandparent, ask the kids to paint a cute design on the pot or decorate it with ribbon, sequins, sticky paper, and glitter.

Handmade Flowers

Help the kids make their own flowers using tissue paper and wire wrapped in green paper. It’s a great rainy day craft project, and perfect to give the grandparents. They will adore the artist charms of your children, and they can last a lifetime.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.