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“Darci The Drummer” Provides Many Great Teaching Moments

I remember, as a child, I wanted to learn to play the piano after listening to my mother play. She used to play so many beautiful melodies on our modest piano. However, once my mom had signed me up for piano lessons, I soon learned they were not what I had expected. I quickly realized that learning to play the piano required much practice and discipline. I guess I had expected that I would magically learn to play like my mother with ease and little effort. If you have a child that wants to learn to play an instrument and you worry they may not know what that fully entails, may I suggest a book, “Darci the Drummer Takes Drum Lessons,” by Jeremy Bridgman? It's a great book that introduces children to the world of music. It also gives children an idea of what is involved in choosing to take music lessons.


Darci The Drummer Provides Her Readers With Lessons

In the story, Darci is a young girl who loves to pretend she's playing the drums on whatever she can find at home—boxes, pots, pans, and whatever else she can get her hands (or spoons) on.  Her brother, Danny, is annoyed by her passion for beating on everything. But, her parents are proud of her enthusiasm and encourage her love of drums by introducing her to famous drummers, including many that are female! Her parents also surprise her with drum lessons. Darci's enthusiasm for taking on drum lessons is inspiring. However, she does have a bit of self-doubt after the lessons have begun. But, her parents and teacher are there to cheer her on. They do so by providing her with the support and tools she needs! She soon finds her strength and will and continues on to pursue her love of drumming!

Along with the story, the author provides an introduction to basic musical terms. His story also reminds children that learning music does take practice, discipline, and perseverance. However, the story also demonstrates that if you really love something it is so great when you can pursue your passion, even if you run into a few stumbling blocks.

Inspiration For The Story And Where To Pick Up Your Copy

Bridgman was inspired to write this book by his own experience with music and music lessons as a child. He likes to encourage perseverance in children, even when they are dealing with self-doubt, criticism, and other such struggles. This book really has so many great lessons and would be wonderful for children of the ages 4 to 9.

If your child is ready to move on from the pots and pans, it may be time to purchase a drum kit. This can be an expensive investment, so it’s worthwhile doing some research on the best drum kits for kids. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, look for verified reviews, this is a much more accurate indication of quality.

You can purchase “Darci The Drummer Takes Drum Lessons” on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in other retail stores. And, when you purchase the book, 50% of the proceeds will go to help musical education programs in Southern California! Thank you, Darci and Mr. Bridgman

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