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Curb Appeal: How a Well-Designed Garage Can Improve an Entire Home

Curb Appeal: How a Well-Designed Garage Can Improve an Entire Home

What do people see when they first glance at your home? If you have large garage doors at the front of your house, they likely take up most of your home’s visual real estate, and if those doors are ugly, they can make the whole house look worse. The simplest way to majorly improve a home’s curb appeal has often overlooked the garage. With just a few improvements your home can not only look better but can function better and be worth a lot more. Ordering a custom made garage door or paying for a service like CSS Garage Doors garage door repair for the one you already have is one option, but with a few tips for garage “decoration” as well as storage tips your entire home will be upgraded.

Designing a Garage

It can be hard to know where to start when improving your garages design so below are a few tips to get you started.


Installing high-quality doors can instantly up your garage’s worth as well as add style. There are many types of garage doors from traditional to modern to everything in between, but no matter what style you go for you can add little details to add interest. These details could include windows, horizontal or vertical patterns, or even barn door style beams. In addition to the little touches, pay attention to what materials you prefer. Garage doors come in various materials, most commonly steel, wood, fiberglass, or aluminum glass. The materials used will add to the personality of your house and can make a statement so choose something you love.

Color and Accessories

When designing your garage doors don’t forget about color. Because the doors take up so much of your home, you want to go with a color that will neutralize them and give the attention to other parts of the house such as the front door. In contrast, if you want to bring attention to your garage doors choose a dark grey, brown, or even black. Avoid bright bold colors as they can attract too much attention.

In addition to the little additions to your garage door, consider the area surrounding your garage. Adding greenery or trellises around your garage can give it a homier feel. Decorative stonework on the walls around the doors can add a nice touch, and don’t forget about the driveway. Lights are a nice decoration as well as practical. Consider different styles of lighting from wall sconces to even ground lights can add functionality as well as style to your curb appeal.


We all use our garages as storage places but that doesn’t mean they have to be untidy. Studies say that a quarter of homeowners are embarrassed to leave their garage doors open. Some people even find that their garages have become so overgrown with clutter that they can’t even fit their cars in it anymore. Upgrade and take care of your garage’s storage systems so you’ll not only be able to open your doors in front of your neighbors but also have organized storage space.

The most overlooked spaces for garage storage are hidden right in front of you. You can instantly free space in your garage by utilizing the walls and even ceiling for storage.

The walls of your garage can be used to store tools, sports equipment, and outdoor apparel. You can use pegboard systems or custom slat wall systems to store loads of items on your garages walls, leaving plenty of floor space for your cars. You can additionally add sturdy shelving or even heavy-duty tire racks to store more on your garage walls.

The roof of your garage is an overlooked storage solution. Adding overhead storage racks can give you a huge amount of space in your garage. These can hold storage bins full of heavy things, as well as the seasonal items you only use once a year. Keeping your less used items up on the ceiling allows you to easily access things you use daily and stop you from rummaging through your things.

With these simple tips, you can upgrade your curb appeal and make your garage more efficient. Consider these things when upgrading or selling your home. A nice garage can add much to your home’s overall value and a tidy looking garage is even better. You’ll be the envy of all your neighbors if you have a well-designed garage.

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Rachel Frampton

Tuesday 20th of October 2020

My dad is planning to improve his garage area by installing a new and sturdy garage door in it. It's great to learn that garage doors come with different types of materials, such as steel, wood, aluminum glass, and fiberglass. Well, you're also right that its color must be considered because this will affect the property's ambiance.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.