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Create Treasured Memories with Iseeme and the Hello World Book

When you have children all you want to do is capture and keep all the memories you can. As time goes by you realize those moments go by way to quickly, and if your like me the more kids you have the more memories you try to hold onto. Yes, I am the queen of keepsakes, to point that is a bit on the overwhelming side. I have 1/2 done projects for my kids’ memorabilia that I swear I will finish. Thankfully with all the new keepsake fun things out there you don’t have to be crafty to put together something sweet and loving. What’s better is you will not have 1/2 finished projects sitting for decades staring you in the face.Hello World bookiseeme books are wonderful little books that have a pre-written story of your choosing for your child and have been around for 15 years! Hello World is the story of their birth. The book is personalized with their name, weight, height, birthday, mom and dad’s name, where they were born and a picture. Throughout the book you can read all their information as it was added to the story. Every page has some kind of personalized touch. The book is a small handheld children’s board book with a high quality binding and glossy pages. I was quite impressed with the quality of the entire book it’s just like something you would buy in a book store only it has their name on it!!Hello World PagesI honestly could not wait to sit down with the story and read it to my daughter and even though she is only five months old right now she will grow up loving the tale of her birth. My older boys enjoy reading the book to her as well they think it’s so fun to read to her a story that has her name all over in it (what great big brothers huh!).readinghelloworldThe Hello World iseeme book also comes with an optional plush monkey that appears throughout the story. He is really quite soft, colorful and stitched together nicely. As my daughter gets older she can snuggle her little monkey while she reads her story! When she does outgrow the book and sadly I know she will I can still easily save it for her without having to do anything else.

What do you think of the Hello World iseeme book? What other stories from iseeme interest you?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.