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“The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight” – Be Prepared To Laugh And Cry As Your Imagination Takes You For A Ride

What if your imagination could come to life? It could be scary, but it could also be amazing, fun, and very entertaining. Well, get ready to see it happen through a book called, “The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight,” by T. L. Fischer. In this story, the Cozies are tiny, nursery figments of the imagination.  The little creatures present themselves in dreams and can be seen by small children, cats, and some dogs.


Meet The Cozies

The Cozies in this story include Thursby, Musetta, Gubbins, Rumple, and the Twins, Gracie and Ruby. Thursby is a rabbit, who is 5 inches tall. He begins the story as a humorous guest speaker and explains how the Cozies have a job, which is to provide comfort and entertainment to small children.  The Cozies in this particular story are tasked with providing comfort to one-year-old Benjamin, more affectionately known as Bingo.

As the story progresses, the Twins and the others learn about a new nanny who is hired to help at the house belonging to Bingo's family. Some of the Cozies don't have a good feeling about the new nanny. And, as it turns out, their intuition was correct.  Agnes ends up helping her brother kidnap Bingo from his nursery. And, this is where the adventure begins as the Cozies try to save Bingo.

It's an entertaining and very well-written book.  The cover states this book is “for adult-like kids and child-like adults.”  It definitely is a book for the imaginations of kids and adults—it conjures up in my mind a mixture of Tim Burton's movies, “The Littles” and “Toy Story.”  The format of the story is fun, including a lecture format with Thursby as the speaker.  The story has periods of humor, sadness, and intensity. It includes fun illustrations to help your imagination follow the story. And, it truly is entertaining and great storytelling.  You'll have to read for yourself to see what happens to Bingo and the Cozies.

The Author – T. L. Fischer

The author, T. L. Fischer, has an interesting history and background.  In his past, he was a technical writer, editor, and freelance writer.  He also “worked professionally with victims of family violence and violence against children. These latter experiences led Fischer to write about the Cozies and their world of simple pleasures, where imagination protects the innocent” (Fischer, 2017, p. 182). After reading this about the author, I couldn't help but feel more tenderness for this story and the Cozies.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback for $10.99 and for the Kindle for $2.99 (prices subject to change). This book would make a fun bedtime story for anyone (and it'll make you wonder if we have little figments of our imagination running around in our world).

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