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Constitution Day

ca. 1980-2001

ca. 1980-2001

Did you know that September 17th is Constitution Day? It is also Citizenship Day for many people trying to become legal citizens of the United States. The United States president may issue each year a proclamation that calls on each citizen to display the  flag on government buildings as well as observe this day through various ceremonies.

For example, the Center for Civic Education provides lessons topics on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day for students on different levels. The background on Constitution Day is that it is the anniversary of the nation’s constitution and the efforts and responsibilities of all citizens. In the summer of 1787 delegates convened in Philadelphia to create a ‘more perfect union’ and to craft the country’s constitution. They worked to develop a framework that would provide a balance and freedom, taking into account federal and states interests as well as human rights. The delegates signed the Constitution of the United States on September 17th of 1787.

It became effective on June 21, 1788 having been approved by the nine of the 13 states. In 1940, the Congress created “I am American Day” to be celebrated in the third Sunday in May. On February 29, 1952, President Truman signed into law Citizenship Day. It effectively created the Constitution and Citizenship Day be one and the same.

This day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by 39 brave men, recognizing all who are born in the US or by naturalization to become citizens.  Who knew that over 200 years later it would still be important and much talked about topic. I won’t get into politics now – that is not why I am writing this. I am writing this to let everyone know and not to forget that 228 years ago this week we are celebrating a very important date that in my opinion should be close to the Declaration of Independence and how remarkable our country and living here makes us blessed.

Fun fact – can you name the signers? I can’t without looking them up, but if you can – way to go!

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