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Choosing The Right Hair Color For Black Women

As a dark woman, what makes you think you can’t rock various types of hair colors apart from black?

Honey, if you’ve held unto this preconceived notion for quite a while, it’s time you jettisoned it.

You need not stick to only black color hairdos.

Numerous vibrant colors can pair pretty well with your dark skin tone, and truly, you are at an advantage.

Celebs such as Tiffany Haddish, Viola Davis, Rihanna, and Gabrielle Union are all exceptional instances of ebony women who have explored various hair colors, and it came out quite nicely.

You, too, could refurbish your hair fashion tastes by rocking various hair-colored styles.    

Brown skin is a perfect match for a variety of shades such as grays, platinum, honey hues, and pastels.

The ebony complexion is home to several color-filled beauty hairstyles, and there are numerous wigs on the market you can explore to notch up your ebony personality. 

However, amid other hair attachments, the human hair lace wig stands in exquisite light.

It is a perfect wig for ebony-toned ladies, and given its naturalness, it can be dyed, styled, and given other modifications to suit your fashion taste and personality.

Choosing The Right Hair Color For Black Women

Selecting the right hair color as a black woman is as easy as finding the foundation shade that is perfect for your skin.

Here are some hair colors that go well with ebony skin tones.


It is sexy, vibrant, yet subtle in its appearance.

Purple is a color that blends perfectly with your dark skin tone and adding a touch of purple makes your natural features profound. It also brightens your face and subtly enhances your eyes. 

At the MTV Video Music Awards, 1999, the mermaid catsuit and the sequin pasties that rapper Lil’ Kim wore wasn’t the only thing that called for attention.

Her purple hair shade was also part of the beauty that caused a great stir.

You could try dyeing your human hair lace front wig with purple and styling it to suit your facial shape.

Purple is one of the colors you could try to enhance your ebony skin tone.


This is a color Oprah Winfrey doesn’t joke with.

She has exotic brown skin and knows how to mix a honey color with jet black to give the honey brown shade.

However, this shade will be perfect for you if you have a skin tone similar to that of Oprah.

It is subtle, and when it rests on a warm brown complexion, it becomes perfect. 

To rock this beautiful color best, it is advisable to go for the human hair wig. Although they come in a natural black color, they can be dyed quite easily into this shade.

The reason why it is best to go for the lace wig is due to their naturalness.

Moreover, trying out the honey brown shade on a silky curly hair attachment such as the wig will give you a perfect look.


I know what you are thinking.

You think it’s going to be off considering that you are dark-skinned, but have you seen how perfect it looks on famous American star, Keke Palmer?

It would sit well with your dark skin to give you a rich complexion. 

All you need to do is pay attention to your skin undertone. If you have a warmer undertone, then you have no problems with going for lilac or blue shade. 

However, trying out this shade with a natural wig won’t be bad at all. The human hair lace wig is a good example.

It is 100% natural human hair  that you can dye into any color of your choice.

There are varieties of them. This shade will look awesome on the swiss lace straight lace wig.


The dimensional blonde is a natural mix of golden brown and black. This shade sits well with almost all dark skin tones.

Black American singer Ciara has rocked this color, and it blended perfectly with her skin tone. It will do the same for yours too.

Colors like chocolate, chestnut, and brown could also make your skin-pop. Trying these shades with a curly Bob wig will give you an exquisite look. 

The human hair lace wig would make a good choice. It is a quality lace wig that you can bleach into any color you like.

You can do it over and over again because it doesn’t shred.

It comes in different types, including the curly Bob wig.


The chestnut somber is a brilliant mix of a warm chestnut brown and soft ombre color.

It is a subtle color that goes well with almost all dark skin tones. 

If you have the same skin tone as American actress Gabrielle Union, then you should know that this shade will suit you well because she has rocked this color, and it looked beautiful.

More so, if you are looking to get a wig for this shade, you can go for the human hair lace wig.

It is a pre-plucked glueless lace wig that is very natural. Also, you can dye or bleach it into a color that best suits you. 


A silver color ombre is another unique hairstyle you can rock with your ebony tone.

The grey and ‘icy’ look it gives is its peculiarity.

Music and fashion star Rihanna emerged in July 2013, rocking this unique and colorful hairdo.

She also posted her new and stunning hairstyle on Instagram with the caption:” Grey is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all! #brrr.”       

The silver-colored or grey ombre is a perfect blend with brown skin, and it gives a brightened and subtle effect. 

Human hair lace wigs can be dyed and modified with this color, and it is quite receptive to any other color you wish to use. 

If you keep a corporate job, the silver hair color is an excellent alternative as it adds flair while keeping a professional appearance. 


You might simply become an ebony Barbie rocking the pink color hairdo!

For light ebony-toned women, pink is another exquisite color that makes a fitting blend.

You could also add a soft and dusty rose color, which shall blend with the pink, creating a somewhat natural look. 

You could also complete this appearance with a fitting lipstick shade.


The fashion world is revolutionizing at a rapid scale, and some of its trends are quite fitting for dark-skinned women.

Naturalness, style, and charm are at the core of beauty, and as an ebony lady, you should strive to look like such.

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