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Is Your Child a Fever Wizard too? Try Fever Scout!

    My son’s first pediatrician called him a fever wizard. From the time he was wee lad, he would spike a super high fever (highest being 104.2) with no other outward symptoms. Even when he could speak, he couldn’t articulate if he felt any different. He even suffered a couple febrile seizures before we learned how to battle the fever fiend.

Is Your Child a Fever Wizard too? If so, try Fever Scout

    Does that sound like your child? They spike a fever out of nowhere, and other than that, there are no other symptoms. Then we embark on fever duty. (My son is ten, and we STILL have to do fever duty for fear of it getting out of control.) This duty involves setting an alarm on our phone for either every HOUR or every two. We rotate the shifts so one of us can at least get a bit of sleep. Then of course we rotate ibuprofen and Tylenol. Luke warm baths or rags on his body if that doesn’t help, and we even use those forehead fever strips to keep it at bay. We loathe fever duty. Not only is it scary, but man, it’s so tiring! That’s where VivaLnk Fever Scout™ saved us!

VivaLnk Fever Scout

    Thanks to this ingenious and fantastic continuous fever monitoring system, “fever duty” has become so much easier! All I had to do was download the Fever Scout™ app from the app store, create my account and pair it with the patch. Now when my son runs a fever, I just attach the adhesive bottom of the Fever Scout™ patch, and apply it to him. (The purple side of the patch goes in the armpit, and then they can just drop their arm naturally.)



    The app continually monitors your child’s temperature all day and all night. You can check it with a quick glance to your phone. The app will also send alerts when your phone is in sleep mode, or even in another room. No more waking your child to check their temperature. No more sleepless nights keeping a round the clock vigil. Fever Scout™ does all that for you!

Keep track

    With the app you can also keep track of your child’s temperature trends, fever causes, effective treatments and more. It’s peace of mind for you, and will help keep your child safe from high fevers by alerting you when you they spike.

Where to buy

    I know you’re ready to purchase Fever Scout, so head to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.