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Chapter Book Adventures for Kids

My son loves to read. Even though he’s in first grade, he’s reading above grade level. Because of this, I’m constantly looking for chapter book adventures that he will enjoy. Thankfully, Sky Pony Press has released two new books that I know my son will enjoy. Check out these two chapter book adventures that are perfect for book-loving kids.

Chapter Book Adventures

Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella

My son loves to read magical books, which is why Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella is a great match for him. In this book, Harper has to find the missing cats from around the city. My son enjoyed guessing what happened to the cats and he enjoyed the adventures along the way. The ending was definitely a surprise for him!Chapter Book Adventures

About the Book:

Harper lives in the City of Clouds, an enchanting place where it rains every day and an umbrella is always a good idea. With her Aunt Sassy, her beloved cat, Midnight, and all of her neighbors in the Tall Apartment Block, every day is full of possibility.

But when every cat in the city goes missing—including Midnight—Harper is determined to find all of the precious pets. And she’ll need a magic, flying umbrella to help her in her search. Recruiting friends from her building to help, the magic umbrella whisks them into the sky on the trail of the cats and an adventure.


Henry Hunter and the Cursed Pirates

If your child loves pirates, adventure, and ghostly galleons, then Henry Hunter and the Cursed Pirates is the chapter book adventure for him! In this book, Henry Hunter has to find his parents when they go missing. His adventures includes cursed pirates, monster waves, and trying to figure out the mystery surrounding the pirates. My son loved the adventures in this book! When he was done reading it, he played pirate for weeks after! Chapter Book Adventures

About the Book:

Henry Hunter’s friend Charlie is desperate for help. His parents have gone missing in the Caribbean Ocean, and no one will believe him that something sinister is afoot.

The only lead Henry and Dolf have is the sighting of a ghostly galleon and a huge tentacle of mist. Exploring the local pirate history and myths, Henry and Dolf uncover a cursed crew of pirates, led by no other than the deadly Edward Teach—Blackbeard himself. But what’s keeping the pirates sailing beyond their deaths? And how and why are they building a crew of live prisoners? It’s up to Henry and Dolf to survive monster waves and befriend a crazy local sea dog to solve the mystery and put the pirates back in their watery graves!


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