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Celebrate National Salad Month With The Big Three

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without your favorite things? I mean, we all have something that we love more than others. Sure every generation brings along something new, but that’s one of the beautiful things about life. From technology to top-notch recipes, the world will always be full of new waves to try and stuff to add to your favorite.

Now if there is one thing a lot of people love to do, it’s eating! Think about all of the incredibly delicious foods that are out there. We all have our go-to options that could be similar to everyone else’s. It could be healthy selections or something for you to indulge in. Either way, May is a particular month for a number of reasons. It’s time you got up to date on another reason May is so amazing.

Put Together The Perfect Salad

Now, in case you didn’t know already, May also happens to be National Salad Month! That’s right; it’s the month of tasty green goodness. Not everyone is a salad person, but maybe you just haven’t had the right one. There are quite a few numbers of ways go about trying one. In fact, the best way to design the perfect salad is to gift the big three a shot!

Celebrate National Salad Month With The Big Three

The big three consist of three different brands that have just what you need to make the perfect salad. Eating something boring isn’t going to keep your interested. So, turning to those who can help you along the way would be perfect. Meet the following brands:

  • Fresh Express – what’s a fresh salad without fresh greens to enjoy? Fresh Express started the trend of ready-to-eat salads, and since have been keeping everyone satisfied. From organic options to a variety of incredible kits, you will have just what you need to start your road to a top-notch salad.
  • NatureSweet – greens are just the first step to a great salad, next, why not consider some tomatoes. NatureSweet has an excellent selection of tomatoes that will add more flavor to every bite. Not only are they bright red, but they taste oh so sweet too
  • Litehouse – to top things off, you are going to need just the right salad dressing. Thanks to Litehouse, you will have your tasty dressing in no time. They offer many different selections that could deliver just the taste you’ve been waiting for.

Celebrate National Salad Month With The Big Three

All three companies are offering discounts on participating products at grocery stores nationwide, so you can mix and match products and add other salad fixings for endless varieties. Plus, 15 people will win a year’s worth of salad and some awesome swag!

This is the chance for you to find just what satisfies you the most in the salad world. So check out all of the info I have for you above.

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