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Car Games For Kids In Your Volkswagen


Top Car Games To Keep Kids Entertained

If you are going for a long road trip with your kids, the thing you must be most dreaded about is your kids getting bored and irritated on the trip. Most kids feel excited at the beginning of the journey, but after an hour of traveling, they start feeling bored, and asking questions about where we have reached, how much time is left, when will we reach there etc. This can be an irritating situation for you, as well as for your kids. To beat it, here are a few top car games that can help in keeping your kids entertained during the journey:

· Spying eye: One person locates something out of the window, and asks everyone else to find it quickly. This is an easy to learn game, and can keep your kids entertained for several hours at a stretch.

· Hunting bingo: Each child takes a flat surface on his lap, and you ask them to find clues on the road. When a player finds an item, he places a coin on the box provided. The player who spies all the items and covers the entire board first will win.

This article was written for Volkswagen of Peoria, you can read the full review here.

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