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Bullying, Child Abuse, Runaways, and Teen Suicide

October is Bullying Prevention Month. As parents and teachers we need to reach out to our youth and speak about bullying, child abuse, runaways, and teen suicide. Let's not make these a taboo subject. Let's bring them to the forefront and create open lines of communication.

Bullying Who Am I book

Bullying, Child Abuse, Runaways, and Teen Suicide

The former two, often lead to the latter two. Which is why I am stressing that parents AND educators reach out to tweens, teens, and young adults. Because one out of five children today is the child of an alcoholic or drug abuser. Suicide is the number ONE cause of death among teens and young adults. This has to stop. The only way to try and reduce these statistics is by educating, and creating open communication.

Bullying Child's Island

Steve Simpson has created a book within a book to help kids

Steve Simpson is an author that writes captivating young adult fiction. They're action packed stories that read like a movie any young adult would want to watch. But that's not the best part. Inside each of his novels is The Teenage and Young Adult Handbook.

Bullying Runaway

You see, Steve is a child abuse survivor and a national advocate for children. He's using his first hand knowledge to reach out and help other kids in bad situations. If a teacher asked the class whom was abused, or who lived with an alcoholic, chances are, none would raise their hands. However, by having kids read his fiction books, the survival guide is tucked in the back. It's full of resources to help them as well. Other kids see a book, but a child in need will have the information and tools they need to help them.

We know bullying

As a mom to a son who is different, I sadly know all about bullying. I home school my son, and he still gets bullied from time to time by kids that live in the area. I know all too well what this does to a young child's mind. Therefore, I highly recommend Steve's books. I would love to see them as part of school curriculum. The students would enjoy the books, but the ones who are secretly suffering, will have vital information on ways to secretly seek help.

To get Who Am I? or any of Steve Simpson's other books with The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook inside, click here. Follow Steve on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

New Disclosure 2

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