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Building An Amazing Shed (That You Won’t Use for Storage)

Sheds have a crazy amount of potential. We’ve already had a look at making a “She Shed” – the less patriarchic version of a “Man Cave”. That article contained suggestions for sublime entry and entertainment. But how exactly do you rejuvenate an old shed for another purpose?


Building An Amazing Shed (That You Won't Use for Storage)Geograph


When I say that you won’t be using it for storage, I mean just that. Sheds, like garages, often become forgotten, dusty places that are used only to store items you can’t be bothered to throw away just yet. But as we saw with the She Shed, a shed can be used for so much more. Don’t waste its potential! Get out there and upgrade that shed for a higher purpose.

Considering its use

So what do you want to use it for? Maybe you want a place to hide out and read a book or play video games, away from the family noise. Maybe you want a nice place to keep pets like rabbits or ferrets. Perhaps you’re even thinking of turning it into a little workshop or studio, where you can build things or do some painting. Whatever you want to do, that rotting, cobwebby thing out there isn’t going to cut it currently.




Tidy it up and assess it

You may not need to knock the whole thing down and rebuild it! As gross or dusty as it may look currently, it might just need a tidy up. So get on your protective gear. You’ll want thick gloves to protect yourself against sharp tools. You may want a mask of some kind to protect your mouth and lungs from all the dust and bacteria. Get right in there and take everything out. Lay all the items out in the garden and throw out what you don’t need. Be brutal. Dust the place thoroughly, wash any windows and wipe away any muck from the walls. Now consider the whole thing. Take in its scent. Is it still gross? Then go back to your original idea of knocking it down.

Building An Amazing Shed (That You Won't Use for Storage)


Want to rebuild? Consider your materials

So when you think of sheds you usually think of wood. But look it up: a shed just means a “simple roofed structure”. You’re not restricted to wood! Remember: while wood does have inherent antibacterial properties, it will also be weakened quickly by rain, wind and sun. If you want to stick with wood, then replace the current rotting stuff with strong, rich-coloured stuff. Thinking about something stronger? Masonry could be the way to go. Remember that brick can also look stylish with the right tuckpointing job!


Building An Amazing Shed (That You Won't Use for Storage)Wikimedia

Storing your old shed stuff

Got a bunch of tools that you still need to keep? You can still keep these in your shed, but you’ll want to keep them more out of the way than before. In your old shed you may have been comfortable just putting them in any old place. No more of that! Consider getting a rack on your wall so you can keep them hung up, freeing up room on the floor. You could also get a tool storage closet if you want them out of sight entirely.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.