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Black Note Because Not All E Liquids Are Created Equal

    I've been cigarette free for three and a half years now. I owe it all to vaping. I also owe my life. No more bronchitis or pneumonia, and my asthma is so much better. Sadly, I'm still trying to get my husband to give up cigarettes. Which is why I was so happy when I discovered Black Note E Liquid. It's actually made from Tobacco, so the flavor is more like that of an actual cigarette.

Because Not All E Liquids Are Created Equal

    One thing many people say about vaping is, “how do you know what's in it?” Well, if you're getting e liquid from a reputable source, their ingredients will be listed. That still doesn't make it the best. What sets Black Note apart from others is that their e liquid is actually derived from tobacco.

    Their NET (naturally extracted tobacco) liquid provides an authentic cigarette taste, but you can vape it, which is safer than smoking. Because they put quality over quantity, it takes the makers of Black Note three YEARS to create their amazing e liquid. Once you try it for yourself, you'll know why. 

Different Tobacco Varieties

    I already mentioned their menthol e liquid which is Solo. It's minty and crisp. They also have Quartet, which is a smoky and peppery Latakia blend. Prelude is made from an airy and light Virginian tobacco, and Legato is from an earthy and nutty Kentucky Tobacco. They also have Sonata which is a rich and robust Cavendish blend, and Forte, a rich and smooth Burley tobacco.

    You can purchase them all in thirty ml bottles, or you can choose from their packages. Classic includes four 10 ml bottles (Prelude, Legato, Forte, and Sonata.) Instrumenthol has five 10 ml bottles which are, Solo (menthol,) Forte, Prelude, Legato, and Sonata. Their Ensemble package includes one 10 ml bottle of each one of their flavors (six in all.)

What do we think?

    One taste of Black Note E Liquid and my husband was in love. Through my years of vaping he has tasted virtually every flavor of vape liquids on the market, but none have been enough to stop his craving for that tobacco taste. That is until he tasted this. Because he's a menthol cigarette smoker, his favorite is Black Note's Solo E Liquid. 

I personally love Prelude

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.