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Best Tips On How To Cook With Kids

Generally, all kids are fond of cooking since they can see it every day is done by their parents.

Also, they are very imaginative. They are messy and yet very creative. As a parent or as a guardian, you might want to develop this kind of life skill.

This is very advantageous especially when they are all grown up.  Show them how you are making their meal.

Let them observe and join you. Here are the six tips that will guide you on how you and your kids will love doing this kind of life skill together.

Best Tips On How To Cook With Kids
  1. Before cooking, make sure to spend quality time together.

With your busy schedules every day to make a living, you probably missed a lot of opportunities to spend quality time with them. For this reason, your kids will naturally tend to seek more attention.

Upon cooking a meal together, you should spend precious time doing indoor games and some playful activities.

During these activities, it is important to tell them that you will need their focus and help in preparing meals for the day for your family.

  1. Allow your kids to do simple kitchen activities. 

They always imitate what their parents are doing. They also want to try the daily activities that they are seeing every day.

In this case, you should provide a high seat in your kitchen so they could see all your preparations and how cooking is done. Always remember to place the high seat on a safe spot in the kitchen.

Make them do simple kitchen activities such as, playing with the utensils, bowls, pouring ingredients, and other safe kitchen activities that you think are fun to do.

You should always expect how messy your kitchen area thereafter.

  1. Teach them how to do things correctly.

As a starter, baking is the most convenient activity that will catch the interest of every kid.

In baking, there will be memories of playing and licking spoons during cake preparations. But aside from cakes, they can also have fun preparing healthy food. There is a certain joy when people get together to learn about cooking their favourite foods.

This will all depend on how you will make it interesting.

As a parent or guardian, you can teach them how to pour sauce on pasta or even how to mix up ingredients of a healthy and colorful salad.

You can also show them how to use a blender or food processor in making sauces. Always remember to guide them and not let them use it with no supervision at all.

  1. Let them know what kind of food they are preparing and about to eat.

If you are cooking fried chicken, tell your kids that it is from a chicken. If you are cooking a beef stew, tell them that it is from beef.

Inform them on some facts of different animals that can be cooked and be eaten. Let them choose what they prefer to eat comfortably.

Introduce them to green leafy vegetables and what they can do to a human body. Pay attention to their concerns on foods and respond to them in an interesting and fun way. 

  1. Let your kids do some chopping tasks.

Chopping vegetables and meats is difficult to do especially for kids. But you should know that they can do it too.

Give them plastic and expendable knives from a child’s playset or let them use a bread knife with a less sharp edge.

As a start, you can let them slice butter or any soft vegetables that can easily be chopped such as cucumbers and tomatoes. This chopping activity is best introduced to 3 years old kids and above. 

  1. Do not force your kids to prepare a meal with you.

You should only involve them in meal preparation if they only want to do so.

Making use of a rolling pin is fun to do for them but after so many tries, they may get bored and want to do other things. You should not expect that everything will be perfect in the kitchen.

In general, a messy kitchen is the most expected after-effect of all meal preparations with a kid beside you.

Do not get mad with this, and let them enjoy how it feels. Let them have fun and learn cooking without fire. A kitchen should be a fun place to explore their creativity and enhance their focus.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.