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Best Co-Parenting Apps To Download After Divorce

Co-parenting is always a responsible and complicated process especially if parents decide to divorce.

They start to argue about who will spend more time with kids, who will live with them, pay for their expenses, etc.

Aside from the challenging divorce process, parents should schedule meetings with kids, organize regular communication, and so on.

This is where an app for divorced parents can be in handy.

You may be surprised but technologies have developed to such a level that an app for separated parents appeared.

On the other hand, once the existence of online custom writing services seemed unbelievable – and in this vein, the emergence of co-parenting apps for divorced begins to seem like a logical continuation of technological progress.

Anyway, while such apps can not get rid of the stress of you completely, they can assist to optimize communication, calendars, and family schedules.

What Is the Best Application for Divorced Parents?

If you open your store with applications, you will find numerous tools that teach how to co-parent during a divorce.

The question can arise what is the best co-parent app? Your most suitable application will depend on the necessities of your family.

For example, you may want to improve communication or have significant information in one place, or you desire to arrange co-parenting without going through the courts.

Thus, let us consider several working applications for separated parents for various wants.

You can pick up the fittest app for you and easily download it.

Many of these tools are free of charge or offer free trial periods.

Best Co-Parenting Apps To Download After Divorce


The creator of this application possesses a Ph.D. in psychology.

This enabled a developer to utilize psychological research to come up with an application for co-parenting without stress. With the help of the WeParent application, you can manage meetings, events, expenses, files, custody schedules, etc.

The founder of the application believes that if parents remove conflicts, they can concentrate on raising pleased, happy, and healthy kids.


With the help of this application, co-parents can easily share custody schedules as well as organize these schedules, manage expenses of children, upload notes, share significant information, exchange school notes, and even medical details.

The application is available both in the web version and through mobile devices.

In order to decide whether this application is worth paying, you can sign up for a trial subscription. The trial period lasts for 14 days.

After this period finishes, users should pay $9.99 per month.

The only distinction among other similar co-parenting applications is that the price for the 2Houses app is indicated per family.

This means that there is no necessity for co-parents to pay twice and separately. This makes 2Houses a more affordable application among others.

Our Family Wizard

The Our Family Wizard was developed by separated parents in order to assist co-parents to maintain harmonious communication.

Both parents can create their own accounts and they possess the possibility to add as many third-party accounts as they want.

For example, they can create accounts for kids, grandparents, therapists, etc. The best part is that there is no need to pay extra money for this.

This application offers many useful functions.

One of them is ToneMeter. It is an optional feature that operates as a spellchecker. It can catch negative tones in messages and propose you an alternative that will less likely lead to an argument.

Speaking about cost, Our Family Wizard mobile application is free of charge for Android and iOS.

Also, you can purchase a flexible subscription to the online platform at $99 for a year.

Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want to use the ToneMeter feature, you should pay an extra $10 per year.


To tell the truth, the Cozi application was not developed directly for separated parents. Still, its interesting functions and simple design make Cozi one of the top co-parenting applications.

It is a useful custody calendar app since you can create shared calendars, set up to-do lists, send photos, share recipes, etc. All this can be performed with minimal stress.

The basic version of the Cozi application is free of charge.

This makes Cozi one of the best first family calendar applications.

It is handy especially if you want to try some tools before making a financial commitment. Your family members (grandparents), your kids, even your sitters can get access to the shared calendar, receive reminders, look through lists, and so on.

Let us remind you that the Cozi application is free of charge on any computer and Android and iOS mobile devices.

At the same time, upgrades are available in the application.


Coparently is an interesting and one of the best apps for family communication.

This application offers a set of digital communication instruments in order to ease scheduling, communication, track of expenses, the share of contact details, and significant information for both parents. Coparently application is simple to utilize.

Co-parents can add their children to the account, enabling these kids to take part in scheduling and making requests.

Coparently app is a suitable option for co-parents who have teenagers since they desire to have the right to vote during the process of making decisions.

You may wonder how much you should pay for this application.

If you want to understand whether Coparently is suitable for you, there is the possibility to sign up for a trial subscription.

You can use the Coparently application for free for 30 days. After that, every parent should pay $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

Best Co-Parenting Apps To Download After Divorce


Parentship is a useful application where all things are gathered in order to commit well-organized co-parenting.

One of its main features is the customized dashboard. It can show upcoming events, send notifications to remind you of these events.

Also, the application offers coordinated calendars, the possibility to create smart profiles for children.

Moreover, in Parentship you can find a digital document center where all the important documents such as birth certificates, passports, insurance providers, social security numbers, etc. are collected.

Another benefit is that you possess the possibility to integrate your Google Calendar with the Parentship application. By doing this, you can add already scheduled events.

Users can download this application and make use of it during the entire month.

After the trial period, you should pay $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

This price is comparatively lower than other family law apps and co-parenting tools can offer. 


FamCal was created not only directly for separated parents. This application can offer many functions that will lead to the improvement of family connections.

Some of them are a shared calendar for significant events, notes, assignments, and duties. It can have color coding for family members.

This is especially perfect for families with many children who have various schedules, activities, and duties.

Co-parenting with no communication is impossible and unacceptable.

Thus, the FamCal application is a suitable method to maintain lines of communication open. You can forget about speaking on the phone, sending text or email messages.

Since such a way of communicating can be complicated for parents, especially at the beginning of their divorce process.

No matter what operating system you utilize (Android or iOS), the basic version of the FamCal application is free of charge.

Also, upgrade options are available.

Custody Connection

No doubt, creating, agreeing, and sticking to the custody schedule is always challenging and stressful.

Many co-parents feel only a headache when it is time for organizing a custody schedule. To assist such separated parents, a child custody app was developed.

The custody Connection application works on the basis of the central calendar with a synchronized custody schedule.

With its help, co-parents can change custody dates if they need to.

The application will update calendars of both co-parents automatically, accept or deny requests, etc.

All the changes will be displayed that will lead to a decrease in the number of misunderstandings between co-parents.

If you use the iOS system, you can already download this application for free. All the upgrades are available as well. Still, those who use the Android system can not download the Custody Connection app yet.

Google Calendar

Google is an obviously recognizable brand name.

When you hear about Google Calendar, the organization of business meetings and events will likely appear in your mind.

The reason is that Google Calendar was not developed for co-parents initially.

Still, nobody can prohibit you and your family members from staying informed of meetings and events.

Nothing complicated is required from you. There is a necessity to create a calendar and share it with the second parent, children, and even grandparents.

Do not forget to grant access for editing for them. Google Calendar is free of charge and simple to utilize.

Thus, if you are looking for an easy method to coordinate schedules, Google Calendar is exactly what you need.

Talking Parents

No matter how the divorce process is stressful and energy-consuming, co-parents should not forget about respectful and clear communication between each other and their representatives.

Some of these representatives are lawyers, judges, or even guardians.

This is where the divorced parent communication app can be useful. The Talking Parents app is the best option among similar platforms.

While using the Talking Parents application, you should remember that it is impossible to delete, change or lose communication records.

You can just organize them chronologically and coherently.

You can make the work of your lawyer easier since there is no necessity to sort through stacks of papers or search for screenshots.

During utilization of the Talking Parents application, spam will not appear, advertisements and other distractions are turned off.

This makes Talking Parents a serious platform for performing co-parenting duties properly. The application is free of charge for the standard plan. It is accessible only to a website version.

If you desire to sign up for the mobile plan, there is a need to pay $4.99 per month.

Best Co-Parenting Apps To Download After Divorce

Time for a Conclusion

If parents decide to file for divorce, they should be prepared for passing a complicated and time-consuming process. Usually, this process is associated with stress and not without purpose.

Co-parents should organize a meeting with lawyers, perform their job duties, spend time with children, and so on.

They hold so much information in their heads so it is understandable why co-parents can accidentally forget about an important event in court, do not send a reminder to a second parent, or even miss meeting with a lawyer.

But the solution is available for every situation.

And if we are okay with outsourcing our academic assignments to a paper writing service, then why can’t we outsource part of the concerns related to co-parenting to specially designed apps?

Using such an app doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your child, it means quite the opposite – you just want to be sure everything would be as good as it could be.

Nowadays, many useful and free-of-charge co-parenting communication tools, family law apps, and platforms for divorced parents can be found in the app store of your mobile devices and web versions.

We have provided you with information about some of the best co-parenting applications for your consideration. Almost all of them offer free trial periods.

Read about them, download and try to use them in order to decide if they are suitable for you.

Aside from their affordable prices, these applications are extremely helpful for separated parents.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.