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Benefits Of Visiting A Syracuse Cosmetic Dentist

Benefits Of Visiting A Syracuse Cosmetic Dentist

Do you have gapped, stained, or chipped teeth? Or, you probably have a gummy smile? Then, you probably have noticed your mouth shut when you take close-up selfie photos to cover an unpleasant oral feature.  

You don’t have to suffer and accept it as a lifetime fate because you can always rely on a cosmetic dentist to restore or enhance the beauty of your teeth and gums.

In this post, you’ll learn the important benefits of visiting a Syracuse cosmetic dentist.

Achieve a Beautiful Smile Every Time

A beautiful smile always starts with healthy teeth and gums. If you’re not confident, smiling in front of other people, or when taking photos, you’re probably trying to hide something unsightly in your mouth. That’s when you should start considering seeking a cosmetic dentist’s help.

A cosmetic dentist is specialized in assessing aesthetics by providing different cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and composite bonding. A cosmetic dentist can also transform a stained, dull, disproportioned, or misshapen teeth into a beautiful smile.

You can find a trusted dentist in Syracuse, NY, by checking this website.

Boost Your Confidence and Feel Younger

As you age, your teeth experience enamel erosion and discoloration. When teeth are missing, facial features tend to cave inward, which creates an aged look. If you want to look more attractive and younger-looking, allow a cosmetic dentist to correct dental imperfections.

By doing so, you’ll also boost your confidence. You won’t be self-conscious anymore and feel a lot more comfortable talking with other people with pride and confidence, most especially if your job involves pitching sales.

Of course, if you’re hunting for a job, having a beautiful smile is a plus factor in your overall pleasing personality.

Achieve Better Dental Health

A cosmetic dentist uses advanced diagnostic tools and equipment to assess dental health. For instance, cosmetic dentistry wouldn’t proceed if there’s no digital x-ray and camera because a cosmetic dentist should always present ideas and suggestions using foolproof evidence that patients can see.

Here are the cosmetic dental services that a cosmetic dentist typically offers:

  • General Services: The general dental services that a cosmetic dentist offers usually include dental x-ray, weak tooth restoration, cover exposed tooth roots, cavity repairs (dental fillings), cracked, chipped, teeth whitening, or broken tooth restoration.
  • Dental Implants: If your tooth has been removed due to cavities or other complications, you’ll be needing an implant to replace it.

Cosmetic dentists usually recommend porcelain-based implants to replace missing teeth to imitate the natural appearance of healthy teeth. Also, porcelain implants are more durable than metal fillings.

The porcelain tooth is anchored to the gums using titanium post and metal ball, which replace tooth roots.

  • Dentures and Veneers: Porcelain dentures are highly recommended to older patients to replace lost teeth, which are available in partial or full sets. These dentures are easy to use and clean, giving you a more beautiful smile.

On the other hand, veneers are recommended for milder cases, covering up any chips, stains, and other teeth imperfections. Veneers also serve as excellent protection for weak teeth or worn enamel, thus strengthening them for a healthier smile.

Improves A Gummy Smile

A person has a gummy smile if the gums are so obvious when smiling. While there are people who ignore this condition, many find it unpleasant or uncomfortable. One of the common causes of this dental condition is an overgrowth of tissue, covering too many teeth.

The teeth appear shorter as compared to those who don’t have a gummy smile because the excess tissue covers the enamel. Genetics, gum inflammation, and certain medications can cause this oral condition.

Here are the dental procedures a cosmetic dentist can suggest helping address a gummy smile:

  • Gingivectomy: A cosmetic dentist can expertly perform gingivectomy, which is a surgical procedure to help reduce excess gum tissue growth. It’s a permanent solution to a gummy smile, which is relatively painless.

No sutures are required and the recovery period is usually two to three weeks. This procedure uses a laser, which makes gums shorter and teeth longer. These procedures help create an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance.

  • Gum Contouring Surgery: This dental surgical procedure is invasive, requiring a local anesthetic. The gum tissue is reduced on each tooth.

With gum contouring, the tissue is lifted off the bone and placed in a new position. The sutures will be set once the gum tissue has been positioned. It would take seven to ten days for the gums to recover and after which, the sutures will be removed. 


A cosmetic dentist can help you achieve a more beautiful smile, so you can move and talk with confidence in front of other people. The services offered by an experienced cosmetic dentist are excellent, geared towards attaining the best aesthetics for your teeth and gums.

Also, cosmetic dentistry helps protect your teeth, maintain your dental health, and improve your overall appearance.

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Angela Waterford

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

It's wonderful to know that a cosmetic dentist can fix my misshapen teeth so that I can have a proper smile. I guess I can try looking around to see if I can find anyone near me. I've had misshapen front teeth ever since I was a teenager, so sometimes my smile has been my source of insecurity, so I want to fix this now that I plan to become a model.

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