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Being a Fashionista on a Budget

Holiday parties will be happening throughout the month. As a fashionista, you want to look good without breaking the bank. Besides, you still have to buy Christmas presents for other people. How can you look fabulous while on a budget? One easy way to do it without buying a whole new outfit is by accessories. Accessories can easily change your whole look. Heather Nicole has created, HNW LUX, an entire line of jewelry from bags to earrings to necklaces, rings, and bracelets to help you accessorize.


HNW LUX was created by Heather Nicole to help those that wanted to like chic at an affordable price. Her collection is fun and flirty. HNW LUX is based in Los Angeles, California. Heather has worked in the jewelry profession, so she knows how to make quality jewelry pieces that will stand out. Her collection includes items that are made from “stingray, genuine turquoise, precious gemstones, micropave and pave cubic zirconia and genuine mother of pearl.” She donates a portion of the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Being A Fashionista on A Budget

Affordable Fashionista Accessories

I received a beautiful, navy pair of Chloe tassel earrings that were packaged in pretty white box with ribbon wrapped around the box. I love when someone takes the time to include those special details. Once I put the earrings on, I noticed that they were not heavy. They are so light weight that I almost forgot that I had them on until someone gives me a compliment! Upon the earrings on, besides her fabulous they look, I noticed that the earrings are soft and smooth. They are so soft because they are made of purely silk. Since they are made of silk, you do not have to worry about fraying which can be common in tassel earrings.

Being A Fashionista on A Budget

Earrings are my favorite type of accessories, with the navy color being a neutral color, I plan to wear the Chloe earrings fairly often. These earrings are also perfect for anyone like me that has sensitive ears. There are certain types of jewelry that I cannot wear due to materials used to make the earrings. With HNW LUX, Chloe earrings, I had no irritations of my ears.

Give the gift of affordable accessories to your loved one this holiday season. HNW LUX offers so many wonderful, eclectic products at a great cost. Plus, Heather basically wraps the gift for you, so that is one less thing you to have to worry about. The Chloe earrings retail for $40.00. What are your favorite pieces from the HNW LUX collection?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.