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Because Babies Start Learning in Utero

    Did you know that babies start learning while still in their mother's womb? It's been scientifically proven, so it's never too early to start teaching them. Sourcebooks and author Chris Ferrie want to help your budding baby or toddler to learn.

Because Babies Start Learning in Utero

    While I was pregnant with my son, I used to read to him and play him music. I had this Celtic music CD and when he was ornery in my womb, I would pop it into my Discman (yeah I know, that shows how old I am,) put the headphones over my giant belly, and lull my little peanut into peace. So whether you're expecting an amazing bundle of joy, or already have one or more, these new books by Chris Ferrie are perfect!

Learning board books

Rocket Science for Babies

    This board book uses simple explanations of complex ideas. The pictures are to the point, as well as the text. It sums up how a rocket works, in terms babies and toddlers can grasp. There are twenty-four pages to spark your child's mind. (Available May First.)




Quantum Physics for Babies

    Physics is an important lesson for youngsters. My son's cyber school started introducing physics in first grade, and each year, they expand it a bit more. He would have loved this book when he was younger. Quantum Physics for Babies is like an intro course on energy, electrons, and so on. With simple and concise images and words that are made just for little ones. 

Learning baby


Newtonian Physics for Babies

    Another great addition to Chris Ferrie's baby books is Newtonian Physics for Babies. With this twenty-four page board book you will introduce your little one to force, gravity, mass, and more. My son loves reading it (as well as the others) to his “niece.”

Learning board


General Relativity for Babies

    Available May first, this board book is an introduction to Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. These simple explanations of complex ideas are perfect for your future genius. Babies (and adults alike) will learn about mass, black holes, and spacetime.



About the Author

    Author Chris Ferrie is a mathematician, physicist, and father of three young children. He believes (and I agree,) it's never too early to introduce little ones to big ideas. All four of these books will be available on May first, and you can find them by clicking on the titles above. You can also visit Sourcebooks at their website, as well as follow them on Facebook and Twitter. 

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