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Beautiful Personalized Gifts for the Little Ones on Your List

If you have little ones on your list, or some on the way, then you don’t want to miss this! I want to tell you about beautiful personalized gifts for the littles. Oh, and I have a coupon code for you all too!

Beautiful Personalized Gifts for the Little Ones on Your List

Baby Be Hip is a one stop shopping website for gorgeously personalized gift for wee ones. Whether they’re new here, or have yet to grace us with their presence, you’re sure to fall in love with all of these cute baby items.

Personalization is so nice. It not only adds a very special touch for a gift, but if the child or children will be attending daycare, then you know the baby’s items won’t be mixed up. Plus, parents take so much time picking just the perfect name, so it’s nice to honor that.

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Bibs, Burp Cloths, Blankies, and More

Baby Be Hip has a wide selection of personalized and precious gifts for the little ones. They have bibs, burp cloths, blankets, totes, towels, clothing and more. You can purchase items separately, or choose from one of their beautiful gift sets. With the holidays right around the corner, be sure to check out their Christmas and Hanukkah gifts as well. Spoiler alert! They are the CUTEST!

That New Baby Smell!

Oh how I miss that new baby smell on my boys! However, my niece is a few months old, so I can still sniff her. (Oh the memories!) Her mama is getting ready to head back to work, which means Addison is heading to daycare. I wanted to give her a gift that would not only be adorable, but useful too, so I chose Baby Be Hip’s Canvas Tote Bag with Name and Icon.

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Let me just tell you, it’s precious! It features her Addie’s full name, and pretty butterfly stitched into it as well. It’s super sturdy and large enough to carry her diapers, bottles, blanket, change of clothing, and more. My sis loves is, as does Addie because she drooled it up right away!

To see all of Baby Be Hip’s awesome items, head to their website. Also, from now until January 1st, our readers will get FREE shipping (on ANY order size.) Just use THANKSKELLY at checkout!

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