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Be Prepared to Make These Changes When Fall Cleaning

Although it might not seem like it, fall is right around the corner and that means fall cleaning before winter. However, when it comes to fall cleaning, many homeowners may not know where to get started. To make cleaning your home this fall easier, here are five things that you need to do.

1. Have Your Home Checked for Asbestos

Asbestos can be a huge problem in older homes, and it is something that you shouldn’t leave unchecked this fall if you have never had it checked for previously. The U.S Census Bureau American Community Survey in 2019 found that 12% of homes were built before 1940 and more than half were built before 1980, which was the demarcation line between the common use of asbestos and its phase-out. If your home was built during this time, you should have it checked out and cleared so that you can be as safe as possible this winter.

2. Check Your Pipes

Freezing pipes can be a big problem during the winter, and you’ll want to make sure that your pipes are in good condition before the winter weather hits. Although most leaks are easy to fix, such as dripping faucets or worn-out toilet flappers, if your pipes are poorly insulated, you may want to add insulation to them with pipe sleeves.

You may also want to clean out the spaces under your sinks, just in case one bursts and starts leaking this winter. By cleaning the area out, you can help ensure that nothing valuable is damaged should your pipes freeze.

3. Clean Out Your Garage

On average, most garage doors will be opened and closed around 1,500 times every year, or three to five times every day. However, if your garage is cluttered with boxes and stored items, you may not be opening it too much as your car can’t even fit in it. This fall, consider cleaning it out so that you can park your car inside during the winter. Not only can this help prevent you from having to scrape ice off of your windows every morning, but it can also help keep your car in good condition for longer.

When cleaning out your garage, try to focus on getting rid of the things that you know you’re not going to use anymore while storing the things that you want to keep vertically. This can keep things off the ground, and give you ample space to park, without worrying about running over any important boxes.

4. Clean and Reverse Ceiling Fans

During the fall you should also thoroughly clean your ceiling fans and change the way they rotate. For instance, during the summer, your fan should spin counterclockwise to push cool air down, and in the winter it should spin clockwise to distribute the warm air that rises. Usually, there will be a small switch on the side of your fan that will allow you to change the direction of rotation. Doing this can save you nearly 15% on your heating bills.

5. Winterize Your Bedroom

When cleaning your bedroom, you should vacuum under the bed, as well as vacuum and flip your mattress. During this time, you may also consider adding a heated mattress pad and heavier winter bedding so that you can turn your thermostat down during the evening without getting cold. This can help cut down on your energy bills, while also giving you a warm and cozy bed to relax in every night.

This fall, when you’re cleaning your home, keep these five things in mind so that you can prepare your home for the colder weather to the best of your ability.

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