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Be Prepared! Bring A Bottoms Up Brush

Need a unique, functional gift idea or stocking stuffer for Christmas? Have I got the item for you! It’s called the BYOB Bottoms Up Brush! What’s a Bottoms Up Brush? It’s a sturdy hair brush with a bottle opener incorporated into it. Since it has a bottle opener, I thought the BYOB meant “bring your own beer,” but, for this brush, it actually stands for “bring your own brush.”


Now, are you asking, “Why would I need a brush with a bottle opener in it?” Well, think about the times you go to the lake or beach. Many of us like to bring a brush because our hair gets so messy and tangled from the wind, sand, and water. And, after playing in the water and after brushing your hair, you may like to sit and open a nice cold beer (or root beer) to enjoy after playing. But, wait, you can’t find the bottle opener to get the beer (or soda) bottle open! You can now because the bottle opener is on your brush that you just used for your hair!

I know we’ve had a few instances at my house where we couldn’t find a bottle opener. And, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t figured out another way to get a beer bottle opened without that opener. Many times we can’t find it because it’s small and gets easily misplaced. So, the next time that happens, I can say, “Hold on! I’ll run to the bathroom and get my brush!”  Voila! Problem solved.

Features Of The Bottoms Up Brush

The BYOB Bottoms Up Brush has a stainless steel bottle opener incorporated into the brush’s handle. The brush also has the following features (as listed on the package):

  • wide “air drying” vents,
  • a comfort handle,
  • flexible bristles, and
  • gentle ball tips.

We have long hair in our family and had the opportunity to try this brush. It does work nicely on the hair, even with tangles.

The brush comes in 2 styles (both featured in my picture): “Beauty and the Beach” (the turquoise colored brush) and “Pretty Thirsty” (the black colored brush). Both styles retail for $13.99 on the Bottoms Up Brush website. As mentioned above, these brushes would make a great gift idea, especially because they’re functional, so they are more likely to get used (versus just sit in a drawer).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.