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Back to School means Back to a Schedule


Back to School means back to a schedule in our house! We had a summer schedule but it isn’t as restrictive as it is during the school year. Here are some tips as you head back to school!


Go shopping! Get what you need to be ready for school. Each child has a supply list and it can be daunting to get everything you need. I like to create a list for each store and just tackle them one at a time. I search the advertisements first and check for coupons. You want to get the best deal on all of the supplies.

Before you can get the best deal you want to make sure you know what you need. If you don’t know exactly what you need for Back to School, this blog post by Goldspot Pens on Back to School Essentials is an amazing read to get you started on buying the essentials for Back to School.

We have a wall calendar that we can easily add important dates and appointments to when needed. This makes it so easy when they come home with a handout we just add the information to the calendar so we don’t forget.

We buy school treats in bulk. This way we don’t run out as fast and we can be ready for all of the times we need to pack a quick lunch.I also have a bin in the pantry that I put their lunch treats in. Everything they need to get to daily is in a certain spot.


Yes we all want to be organized. Now is the time to get organized. I like to have a place designated for all of the things that my kids use daily.


I use command hooks on the wall in our entrance way for the school bags to hand. Every day after school I make sure they hang up their book bags. They are used to it now and we never have to search for them anymore.

Lunch boxes

There is also a side counter top that I reserve exclusively for their lunch boxes. This way I can easily clean them out and refill them. I like that this spot is near the trash can. Sometimes you never know what you will find in the lunch box!

Library Books

We have a basket just for library books so we keep them all together. This is located in a easy to get to area and they only take out one book at a time. I tell you it has been ages since we misplaced a book. I love that it is all together. When it’s time to go to the library we just empty the basket and head out!

Coats and Hats

I have more command hooks in the entry way for coats and baseball hats. I love that they are right on the wall where the kids can put their coat right when they walk in the door. It works so well. Now I don’t trip over hats and coats anymore.


We set an alarm early so that everyone can get up on time. I just can’t stand a day that we start off late. I really think it puts us all in a bad mood. I set multiple alarms just so we can stay on schedule. I like to leave plenty of time to get where we need to be so we start the day off right.

Back to school time can be good for us all since it makes us stick to a schedule. I can get so much more done when I set my mind to it.

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