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Awesome TV Shows For An Awesome TV

Watching TV has definitely become a preferred pastime in my house. I can be so busy in the day, that to sit down for an hour and a half in a vegetative state in front of the ‘box’ is about the best I can muster. I was spending a bit of time checking my utility bills recently. I started to wonder just how much electricity I was spending on this ‘activity’. It turns out that the new LED TVs really are much cheaper to run.


This got me thinking about whether I should change my TV for something smarter, cheaper and bigger. And if it was smarter and bigger, would my favorite TV shows be that much more enjoyable? Well, one thing led to another, and I came up with this list of awesome TV shows for an awesome TV:


Breaking Bad – This is one of those rare TV shows that you can watch over and over again. Despite how ugly some of the moments get, the action on a bigger screen makes it all the more awesome. There are several cable TV and Internet packages to choose from to find this great TV show running at the moment.


Family Guy – If you are after some chuckles after a long day, then Family Guy is sure to give them to you. Of course, they’re not all quite politically correct! As an animation, it gives The Simpsons a run for its money but is definitely more for the adult audience.


Big Bang Theory – After several seasons the humor in this sitcom continues to improve. It’s always been funny, but now the characters are well established it seems all the more entertaining. Sheldon just keeps getting better and better!


Sherlock – If you love that stiff upper lip and English accent, then Benedict Cumberbatch will be right up your street as Sherlock. This series keeps being rerun everywhere at the moment. And even though I remember what happens, I can’t get enough of his awesome fashion sense.


Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – For satire and entertainment galore this show is a winner. It’s one of those you want to be wide awake for to make the most of. Even on a little TV, you can’t beat the quick wit.

Awesome TV Shows For An Awesome TV

Want bigger? Try a projector screen! Image from Flickr


The Wire – This may have been on for ages, but its grittiness is great when you want something involved and full of drama.


Firefly – It may have been canceled for all the right reasons or all the wrong reasons. But there is definitely something about Michael Fillion that keeps me coming back for more. A silly romp about silly things, or a serious sci-fi fantasy series. You decide!


Friends – I love that I can pretty much be guaranteed to find an episode of this every time I put on the TV. OK, so it may not look its best on the huge 16:9 screens, but the scripts are still good after all these years. Love it.


So there you have it. Arguably all the best reasons for getting a huge TV, and cheap on the electricity too. Why not curl up in front of your favorite show tonight?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.