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Avitae Caffeinated Water for a Healthy Boost

Give Your Grad a Boost With Avitae Caffeinated Water

What is the one thing that goes great with college?  Avitae Caffeinated Water with natural caffeine boosts.  Every college student has those “up all night” times when you have to continue studying.  Instead of drinking those energy drinks with tons of added sugar and calories, reach for something that doesn't hurt your body.  Avitae will help you get through those “not so interesting” classes, or the up all night study sessions.  It will hydrate and give you a boost all in one.


There are times when you may not want as much caffeine or any for that matter.  Avitae has you covered.  They offer caffeine levels from 45mg (half a cup of coffee), 90mg (a whole cup of coffee), to 125mg (one and a half cups of coffee).  They also have plain water with no caffeine boost at all.  The water quenches your thirst and comes in different flavors.

Avitae uses natural caffeine from green coffee beans.  It has zero calories and zero sugar.  You can choose from unflavored, flavored, and Sparkling Avitae.  As the company says “Avitae Caffeine Water is a healthy hydration alternative with a natural caffeine boost”.


Do You Have A Graduate Going Off to College?

If your “child” is heading off to college soon, Avitae Caffeine Water would be a great addition for them.  Instead of buying those expensive energy drinks, make up a basket full of Avitae.  As a matter of fact, you could make a gift basket with gift cards, small cleaning products, a pack of sheets, and different flavors of Avitae.  You could come up with your own variation, but you get what I'm going for.  That would make a great “going away to college” gift for anyone really.


Not a soon-to-be graduate?  I would be willing to bet that you could benefit from Avitae's many choices.  It could help hydrate you when working out (and give you the boost you need), or maybe you just need to get through a hard day with the kids.  It's nice to drink something that doesn't give you a sugar/caffeine crash hours after drinking it.  I feel much better drinking water than any of the other drinks promising to give me a boost.  I hope you enjoy it too.

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