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Automotive Tools To Keep Handy

Whether you have a new car or are simply figuring out things in your old one, here are a bunch of automotive tools to keep handy.


You may be carrying a spare tire at all times but are you carrying the right equipment to make sure you have what you need at hand? Make sure you have a tire jack and a tire iron. Even if you are stranded all alone, these would definitely help you. On the same note, keep a spare security key in case your wheels need one. A tire inflator and a sealer are best added to this package while we are on the subject of tires. The sealer can take you to the nearest auto repair shop.

Dead batteries are a very common problem amidst the greater universe of car trouble. So make sure you have jumper cables. Pro tip know your engine. To be truly independent, however, and especially if you like to take the offbeat road, stow away an emergency battery booster in your car.

No matter where you are driving to, keeping the tire pressure at the optimal fixes a lot of problems before they crop up – such as handling, increasing fuel economy, promoting tire longevity and all of this actually combine to ward off fatal accidents.

While not exactly automotive tools, duct tape, and WD-40 must be part of the package you put together.

These basic criteria met, make sure you keep the following too.

A multi-drive wrench. Your car is a machine with numerous nuts and bolts. Never get caught off guard with the multi-drive wrench.

Another all in one super tool is the multi-tool which literally can do everything from stripping and bending wires, cutting through plastic, open beer bottles and beyond! Typically, you would find a multi-tool which has several types of pliers, wire cutters, knives, saw, scissors, files and a screwdriver with multiple bits.

A seat belt cutter and life hammer are must-haves. Unlike the rest of the stuff which you can stow away in the boot, make sure you keep this handy, preferably beneath the seat.

Today there are several multitools even for automotive emergencies. Choose one which has a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, a sonic alarm, flashlights (preferably LED), red emergency flashers, tire pressure gauge, and a tread depth indicator.

Various automotive tools come in sets. This would help you get great offers as well. Just make sure your set has wrenches, ratchets and accessories, mechanics tool set, screwdrivers and nut drivers, jump starters and power stations, battery chargers and power inverters.

This is a surely amazing way to equip yourself for all long drives! Be safe, be happy.

You should always take your car in for service if you feel it is something that you do not know how to fix. Check out the nearest car dealer to get those important mechanical issues fixed at their service station.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.