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Anti-Aging – The only way is Up!

So I just turned 45, nobody prepared me for how quickly things start to go downhill. I keep my self fit and healthy and I’m very vain (I have to confess), this makes me fight hard to make the most of my natural attributes. And I thought I was doing OK, until a few months ago when deterioration seemed to just speed up, someone with a cruel sense of humour is pressing much harder on the peddle of Time.

Anyway it’s not in my nature to sit around and complain (too much!). So I needed an action plan and actually when I thought about it, there are little things that I do and can do everyday to regain some control of the situation.

  1. The Mindset – This is the most important thing. Don’t be in denial, understand that you are getting older and need to make adjustments accordingly. When I reviewed things, I realised that I still was wearing the same style of clothing, the same make up, the same hairstyle from 20 years ago. I’m not suggesting that you pack up the heels and go total Grannny, it’s just that there are lots of more flattering ways to present yourself as the years move on.
  2. The Body – There’s no easy way around this one, it all starts to move South at some point and apart from drastic surgery, there’s only one thing to do – keep moving, keep fit, keep those muscles working. This will stop your skin sagging and the wobbly bits from drooping. Exercise also maintains our mental health and keeps the spirits up.
  3. The Style – This was the magic realisation for me, anything in my personal style that was dragging me down had to go, so I started working on bringing it all up. What is she talking about, you ask… Let me give you examples: My hair – I had a chin length bob with no fringe (bangs for you Americans), I realised that it was dragging my features down and now I have it swept off my face, upwards. Make-up- I have stopped wearing eyeliner (80s style) under my eyes and wear mascara only on the top lashes, concentrating on the outer edges, again in an upward fashion. I avoid obvious lipstick as again it draws attention down and even dangly earrings create a similar effect.
  4. The Skin – I am lucky enough to have a business that distributes a beautiful skincare range from Ireland. It is made from Irish Peat and specialises in anti-aging, so I have to say I am happy that I am hydrating and treating my skin with the best antioxidants and rejuvenating ingredients that I can. But extra care is certainly required, it is hard work this aging business! I particularly recommend the 100% Peat Face and Body Mask from Ógra to plump up your skin and give a youthful glow. For extra firming, try lying flat when mask is on

half mask

Above all, embrace it! Love the fact that you have had so much experience, are wiser and certainly heaps more confident. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, I wouldn’t wind the clock back for anything. I have had an amazing life up to this point with a beautiful family to share it with. We just need to keep evolving so that we can be at our best for every new stage of this roller-coaster ride called Life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.