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All The Women In My Family Sing – A Book That Needs To Be Read By Everyone

All The Women In My Family Sing Is A Beautiful Book, Written By Beautiful Women

Some books make you think, especially about how our world treats a certain group of people.  I wish to God it wasn’t that way, but it is.  However, I have hope that it’s changing!  Reading “All The Women In My Family Sing” will open your eyes to some of those experiences.  Part of me feels bad and ashamed and another part feels hope, compassion, and motivation.  These stories and poems are absolutely beautiful, as are the women that wrote them.

The book is full of very personal, beautiful, and sometimes sad and uplifting stories that need to be heard!  As a matter of fact, it’s the perfect time to hear them.  As women, we are taught to be quiet and do as we’re told.  Times have changed and it’s time now.  Reading this book will fill you with love, spirituality, togetherness, and feeling proud of being a woman.  Although this book has been written by women of color, it’s meant to be read by anyone.  Your skin color will make no difference!

All The Women In My Family Sing - A Book That Needs To Be Read By Everyone

As women, we need to speak up and teach the newest generation to also do so.  Stand up and be heard!  No matter what your beliefs are,  yell it to the world.  No longer are we going to be hushed!  It’s almost sad that when a woman does finally speak up, many look at her as being a witch with a letter “b” at the beginning.  Yet, when a man speaks up, he’s being a man.  We definitely need to start with our younger generation and teach both boys and girls that it’s ok to be who they are.

Reading this sticks with your soul and absolutely moves you.  As a matter of fact, this book should be sent to all of your girlfriends and family members.  Make it a holiday gift!  Let’s go one step further and shape a gift basket around the book.  Get creative and include some unique items in it.  Leave me some comments and tell me what your ideas are!  You can find this awesome book on Amazon or just click on the links I’ve provided.  Happy Holidays to all.

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All The Women In My Family Sing - A Book That Needs To Be Read By Everyone

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