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A Wonderful Resource For A Girl’s First Period

When a young girl first gets her period, it’s like a rite of passage to womanhood! However, it can be frightening for some girls, especially if they don’t have any knowledge about the menstrual cycle. Understanding what the menstrual cycle is about can truly help a young girl become more comfortable with her body and what it’s going through.  And, there is a great resource on the market to help provide such information! It’s called The Little Red Kit. It’s an educational and fun package of information and other items to help a girl become prepared in knowing what her menstrual cycle is all about and how to take care of her body during the process.


What’s Inside The Little Red Kit?

The Kit comes with a booklet called “My First Period Book: All Your Period Questions Answered Plus Tips & Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know,” which is very thorough and educational with great information about a girl’s body, her menstrual cycle, puberty, period supplies, and PMS. The booklet also addresses “What if I don’t have a pad?” (which all of us women could learn from) and “How to guides” (how to tell your parents you got your period, how to count your menstrual cycle, and how to use pads and tampons).

The kit also has a  pamphlet, “Period Resources For Parents,” pads and pantyliners, and a reversible bag to carry period supplies. The parental pamphlet covers various topics to help parents in the role of supporting their daughters. The carry bag comes in red with “The Period Blog” written on it. You can also reverse it and it becomes black and discrete. It’s small enough to fit in a girl’s school backpack. But, it’s also big enough to carry a supply of pads, tampons, and/or pantyliners. Keeping the carry bag in her backpack or purse would be a helpful reminder to her to keep a stock of pads/pantyliners on hand so that she is always prepared. The kit I received also came with 3 colorful hair ties—a little pampering gift of sorts.

It’s A Great Kit And More

You can purchase The Little Red Kit on Etsy or Amazon. And, when you order the kit, it does arrive in a plain brown box (so don’t worry about it attracting unwanted attention). And, currently, you can use code PERIOD15 for 15% off your first order at or over at the product’s Etsy shop

This really is a great package altogether. I would have loved to have received this when I had gotten my period. I think the kit really helps put a positive light on a girl’s menstrual cycle, which I think is wonderful. Encouraging women to embrace our periods and our bodies is a wonderful way to foster a positive self-image and to celebrate a woman’s body! I also highly recommend you check out The Period Blog—it’s very comprehensive and could help young girls and women! Thank you, Dedy (the shop owner of The Period Blog)! I commend you for creating such products for the young (and older) women of our world!

I am not a medical expert. The information in this post is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information in this post is for general informational purposes only.

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