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A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Every year, we give into the urge to revamp and upgrade all areas of our lives, including the products we use every day.

Out with the old, in with the new, right? Or even combine the old with the contemporary!

It’s hard not to say that there’s always something new on the market, whether you’re in for what you discover or not.

That’s just the beauty of being a shopping fanatic: you’ll always be in for a surprise.

Read on for the cream of the crop when it comes to new products worth splurging on next time you want to try something new.

You won’t want to miss these must-have items that will become your favorites for years to come!

Airscape® by Planetary Design – Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Airscape® is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast looking to elevate their coffee-drinking experience while being mindful of its preparation (so long, single-use waste!).

This canister prevents coffee from going stale and losing its flavor so it can remain as fresh as the day it was roasted!

With its patented better-than-airtight technology “air-less” inner lid that forces oxygen out of the canister when it is pressed down, it ensures that coffee remains at its peak flavor by protecting it from moisture, light, and air.

The durable food-grade stainless steel coffee canister is easy to clean, comes in various sizes, colors, and is stylish, making it a great addition to any kitchen or coffee cart decor.

Truly revolutionary, this patented technology keeps what’s fresh today, fresh tomorrow and can be used for storing food items as well, such as teas, spices, pet treats, cereal, and more!


A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Fantastic for the coffee connoisseurs at the party – the Haitian coffee from Caribrrew will give them a jolt of flavorful aroma and will wow their senses!

Caribbrew is bringing the centuries-old coffee and cocoa flavors and aromas of the Caribbean to the states.

The socially conscious company pays tribute to its culture by offering an exclusive line of products with the bountiful flavors and rich aromas of Haiti, a purveyor of some of the finest blends in the world.

Enjoy a cup of Caribbean coffee, cocoa, and tea, as well as coffee-based skincare products that are premium single-origin and direct trade.

Feel good and know that this black-owned brand with Haitian roots is making a social impact one cup at a time.

  • Caribbean Spiced Coffee ($16.99/12 oz. bag) – This signature medium dark roast with premium arabica coffee and exotic sweet spices beautifully balances the subtle complexity of the brand’s coffee with hints of freshly grounded Haitian cinnamon. Terrific for cold brews!
  • Drinking Hot Chocolate $16/12 oz. bag) – This Haitian hot chocolate mix is made of pure cocoa and spices from the Caribbean. The creamy, aromatic hot chocolate is a staple drink in Haiti.
  • Caribbrew Gift Box ($68) –  A wonderful gift for friends and family members. It’s a gorgeous presentation and is even better with the delicious coffee, chocolate, and teas with unique limited-edition flavors.
  • The Scrub Bundle ($35) Gabrielle Union is obsessed with these scrubs! The set includes the Coconut Rum – Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub and Mango Mandarin Haitian Coffee Scrub. Made with fresh coffee organic oils and shea butter to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Loaded with antioxidants, helping to prevent wrinkles, cellulite, and puffiness by tightening the skin.

All Caribbrew products are cruelty-free, vegan, and handmade with the best ingredients.

As the brand likes to say, their coffee keeps you woke by sourcing responsibly, creating opportunities for everyone in their supply chain, and keeping you pleasantly awake on a busy day!

Creative BrainWorks Bean Bag Bucketz

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Looking for the ultimate game to gift friends and family this holiday season? Look no further than Bean Bag Bucketz from Creative BrainWorks.

This exciting and innovative game offers endless fun whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors.

With a unique bucket-shaped design and multiple game variations, Bean Bag Bucketz is perfect for players of all ages.

Toss bean bags into the target bucket to rack up points in classic games like Cornhole, or get creative by coming up with new ways to play.

The portability and versatility of this game make it the ideal gift for holiday gatherings, big or small. Bean Bag Bucketz is sure to entertain family and friends with hours of laughter, friendly competition, and active play.

Give the gift of a good time this year with this must-have interactive game that both kids and adults will love.

Dignity Coconuts

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Dignity Coconuts is a socially responsible brand committed to making a positive impact in the coconut industry.

They empower local communities by offering fair wages and career opportunities, addressing financial insecurity in the region.

Recently, they received prestigious awards, including the 2023 Mindful Award for Oil Product of The Year and the Vegan Beauty Award for their All-Natural Vegan Lip Balms.

Known for their premium quality and sustainable practices, Dignity Coconuts actively works to eradicate modern-day slavery in the industry, contributing to a more ethical and sustainable future.

Introducing even more consumers to their premium line of non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free goods.

Taking the spotlight is their 5-pack All-Natural Vegan Lip Balm, which includes their Peppermint Lavender, Peppermint, Juicy Citrus, Vanilla and Original Unscented flavors.

Dignity Coconuts is more than a brand; it’s a movement with a mission to create a positive social impact.

Morning Glamour

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Treat yourself to a luxurious beauty sleep with Morning Glamour‘s satiny, smooth satin pillowcases.

This set of 2 pillowcases is made to fit Queen/Standard-size pillows and provides several hair and skin benefits while you rest.

The silky fabric helps reduce frizz by minimizing friction, leaving you with smoother, shinier hair in the morning.

Satin also helps prevent sleep wrinkles on delicate facial skin so you wake up looking refreshed and radiant. A stay-put pocket flap keeps your pillow firmly in place all night long.

Best of all, these pillowcases are vegan, cruelty-free, and machine washable for easy care.

Give your hair and skin some TLC while you sleep with these glamorous satin pillowcases designed to help you look your best every morning. Luxurious self-care has never been so effortless!

Scoria World – Kids Cork Play & Yoga Mats

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Allow your little one’s imagination to run wild on a mat made with them in mind. Scoria’s cork mats are the world’s first-ever cork yoga mats for kids.

These natural,  non-toxic cork mats can be used for both play and yoga.

They are 13″ shorter than the standard adult cork mats, and 1″ less comprehensive. Scoria World is a lifestyle brand that is named after the volcanic rock, which represents sparking your inner fire and that burning desire to let your creativity loose.

Yara Kamal founded her business as a way to reconnect with the playfulness and creativity she felt she lost as an adult due to societal pressures.

Revisiting these behaviors, her health and wellness drastically improved. Sharing her philosophy with the world, her products serve as pieces that embrace and inspire creativity and to be kind to the world around us.

Scoria World offers environmentally sustainable yoga equipment that rewilds the inner child and inspires the imagination while focusing on quality and contributing to an inclusive and better world.

The brand gives back a portion of proceeds to empower indigenous youth through play-based education for healthy living and life skills.

The Curiosity Box

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

At The Curiosity Box, they’re on a mission to ignite curiosity and inspire exploration through their carefully curated selections of science, art, and educational treasures.

What’s great about this brand is that they firmly believe that your audience stands to gain immensely from your firsthand experience and the genuine insights you can offer into what makes their Winter Box so unique.

Imagine the joy of exploring its contents and uncovering the mysteries it holds before the rest of the world!

The Curiosity Box is the world’s first subscription for thinkers. Premium science toys, experiments, and collectibles designed for curious adults & delivered to your door 4 times per year.

Grow and Make

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

At its core, Grow and Make is about more than just DIY kits – it’s a community that celebrates the thrill of creating with your own two hands.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Grow and Make aims to excite and empower people to unlock their inner maker by learning fundamental DIY skills.

Despite being a small, tight-knit team, they meticulously hand-pack each kit to maintain a personal touch.

Grow and Make is committed to sustainable practices, using high-quality, domestically sourced components and ingredients when possible. The diverse range of kits, from Hot Sauce Kits to Soap Kits, offers creative projects for makers of all levels.

But Grow and Make doesn’t just provide the kits – they supply all the information you need to feel delighted with the final product.

At Grow and Make, it’s not just about what you make; it’s about gaining the confidence to make anything.


A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Doshi was founded to provide smart, fashionable, and quality vegan bags and accessories to people with ethical, religious or environmental beliefs that lead them to seek vegan products.

This company takes the time to study trends, consult designers, and keep an awareness of the marketplace.

All to make sure that their products keep you up to date!

They’ve carefully curated a stunning assortment of products made from high-quality microfiber vegan leather, as well as ethically sourced, eco-friendly materials like Pinatex and kraft paper.

When it comes to options, you’ll have more than enough to sink your interest in.

There’s the Doshi Italian Kraft Paper Slim Sustainable Vegan Wallet, which is a compact wallet. The cash slot is just tall enough to cover your cash. The card pockets are precise, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many there are.

You also could consider the New & Improved Doshi Large Classic Men’s Vegan Briefcase as well.

As a classic briefcase with a waxed microfiber shell, this briefcase offers a distinctive yet nostalgic shape and a great deal of organization with three separate zippered compartments.

Generation 3 is now made with YKK Excella zippers.

Keep in mind that Doshi’s product offerings include non-leather (vegan leather) handbags, briefcases, backpacks, belts, and wallets!

Pure Brazilian Hair Line

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

Formulated and manufactured in Brazil, Pure Brazilian offers the best hair smoothing system on the market.

A hallmark of professionalism and exceptional haircare, Pure Brazilian’s products feature an easy-to-apply formula that gives radiant shine, strengthens the cuticle, eliminates frizz, and improves hair health by protecting the cuticle.

These hair essentials have a special formulation of minimal chemicals to give maximum results.

Hair color pops as cuticles are sealed with moisture.

Pure Brazilian is honest about its ingredients and keeps its line small and straightforward. 

Their products also reduce blow-dry and styling time, protect against heat damage from styling, and prevent split ends and breakage, which promotes growth. They have a number of products that may interest you.

Some of their key options include their Deep Conditioning Masque, Leave-In Conditioner, and Silk Smoothing Balm!

Alpha Skin Care

A Variety Of Suitable Products You May Want To Add To Your Wishlist

For over 30 years, Alpha Skin Care has been helping customers get healthier and younger-looking skin faster with their products specially formulated with glycolic alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that promote skin health.

Clinically tested, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and allergy-tested, the below gift sets are a must for skincare lovers.

The Alpha Skin Care Body Bundle Set is one option to consider.

Featuring two best-selling body products, this anti-aging skincare gift hydrates and exfoliates for an all-day glow.

Includes moisturizing Body Wash formulated with 10% Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to gently release dead skin cells and reveal fresh, healthy-looking skin.

It also features the prestigious Renewal Body Lotion that is formulated with 12% Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to thoroughly hydrate and gently exfoliate, leaving skin soft, smooth, and younger-looking from head to toe.

Then there is the Alpha Skin Care Face and Body Wash Set as well.

Perfect for all skin types, this anti-aging gift set also hydrates and exfoliates for an all-day glow.

Features the Moisturizing Body Wash formulated with 10% Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to gently release dead skin cells revealing fresh, healthy, younger-looking skin.

Also includes Refreshing Face Wash, made with a gentle, soap-free formula that uses Citric Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to whisk away makeup, dirt, and excess oil from your skin’s surface and pores.

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