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A Timeless American Classic Makes Anyone Smile!

I am a sucker for Antiques and especially Classic American time pieces that bring that nostalgic touch to my home.  The Kit-Cat Clock has been in America since 1932 and has been inspiring smiles for over 83 years.  I used to work at a soda fountain where we had the original coke, cherry coke, and  root beer syrup where we added seltzer water to make the drinks. I was a “Soda Jerk” but being that I am only 30 years old now, and this was my high school Job, you can imagine that I had to be explained to what a “Soda Jerk” actually was. From my three years of working there I can remember one of these Kit-Cat clocks being high up on one of the walls close to the original tin ceilings.  I used to watch that clock everyday just waiting for it to hit 4:00 so I could leave.  Everyone loved that clock, including me.  You can imagine an original drugstore with an original soda bar and an original Kit-Cat Clock. It literally took you back in time.  I never knew how much I would actually miss that clock once I left, but what a coincidence that it has now landed back in my life, an exact replica. 

A Timeless American Classic Makes Anyone Smile!

It really amazes me that I have my very own kit-cat clock now after all these years.  I am the type of person that likes to mix modern and old fashioned into my decor.  Adding this clock to living room gave it a fun vibe and also lightened up some of the more modern pieces I have around.  I Love every time the eyes blink and the tail wags. It’s very easy to assemble because you only have to add the tail, and it is very easy to set the time as well.  There are even extra parts that you can order at to customize your clock to your liking.  I can’t wait for my friends to come over and check out my new clock, in the mean time I’m busy customizing one for my nephew for Christmas, this will make a great gift for his bedroom at my house.12283147_1012780578743326_1424727892_n





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