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A Few Tips to Help Stop Smoking

If you cannot seem to stop smoking even after you have received medical attention and personal help, you are not alone. The addictive nature of the cigarette is well documented. Do not let a few setbacks give you pause on your overall campaign back to health.

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Here are a few tips that have been known to help people stop smoking. Never give up!

– Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs that is on the market today. There is no way that you should try to wean yourself off of it cold turkey. Nicotine patches or gum is a great way to give your brain the fix it needs in smaller doses each day until your need is finally gone.

– Prescriptions Against Nicotine

You can actually get a little help from Western medical science if natural methods are not doing the job for you. Different medications will actually make smoking less enjoyable, curb your cravings or give you a much needed break from the withdrawal symptoms. Some medications will do all of these things at once. Consult a reputable medical professional before taking any prescription level drugs.

– Get Your Family Involved

You will need the positive energy of others in order to kick your habit and make it stay gone. Although you can join a support group or seek help from a counselor if you need to, there is nothing like having the support of people who know you the best in this life. Do not be afraid to lean on your close family and friends when you need to. After all, if you cannot trust your loved ones when you need them, when can you trust them?

– Find New Ways to Settle Yourself

Many people take up smoking in the first place because it is relaxing. If you are giving up smoking as a relaxant, then you need to replace it with other things that relax you. Find other habits like spa treatments, swimming or just taking a day off. Get back into hobbies that you may have forgotten.

– Vape

An incredible substitute for smoking that gives you virtually all of the look and feel without any of the negative side effects is vaping. You also have the opportunity to engage in the social aspects of vaping, which is another distraction from smoking. Vaping also allows controlled nicotine intake, which means you can slowly work down to zero nicotine intake.

– Get Away from Smoking Triggers

Everyone has certain triggers that create a bigger temptation to smoke. Alcohol is a trigger for most people. You probably have a few of your own that are unique to you. Note these triggers and make sure that you stay away from them at all costs, as they will likely draw you back into smoking if you are not careful.

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Nick Pool

Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Vaporizers like the Juul are awesome for smoke cessation. I personally used it to quit after smoking for 5 years!

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